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Greensboro, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop




"Rakeem- The Fan Base Vol.1 (Mixtape Review)"

North Carolina artist Rakeem just dropped his latest Mixtape ‘The Fan Base’ that is hosted by DJ Official to the A&D Lounge for review.

As the mixtape opens up we are introduced to Rakeem after the brief ‘Intro’ to the first track called ‘Mic Check’. A hard-hitting track that has the heavy drums and the pure Hip Hop sound. Rakeem has a flow that is confident and cocky plus mastered perfectly. We also like the fact that he rarely uses an additional voice over tracks or ad-lib throughout the mixtape. That caught our attention in a big way bacause alot of artist do not know how to dubble up and end up drowing themselves out. Mic Check is a short song but it does what the first song should do, it’s sets a tone for the mixtape.

The Third track ‘Learning the Ropes’ is a solid track that is definitely for the streets with a crazy sound effects that almost blew out our trunk speakers. The only problem we have with this track is you can’t distinguish were the hook starts and ends. If we could suggest anything here it would be to add something to the hook to bring it to the forefront. Still a cool song that fits the third spot perfectly.

Rakeem then takes us to ‘Long Story Short’ were he talks about his love for hip hop and pursuing his dreams. Over a classic sample with a smooth transition through-out the song, Rakeem manages to stay on the right path with this as his voice fits this sample driving track nicely also. This is one of our favorite tracks on this mixtape cause his style is braggadocious and smooth. On this song just ‘sit back, relax and let him state some facts.’

On ‘To The World’, the upcoming artist capture’s the hunger inside of him and delivers just that to his fans. Spitting venom and pushing himself to limit all over a great sounding cynical beat. This song goes and is worth more than couple of spins inside your iPod. We have seen this track across the internet and has been making a big splash. Tune into this one.

Every mixtape needs the ‘lady’ track and the song ‘All Good’ is more for the dudes then woman but with the recreated B.I.G sample ‘If The Heads Right We’ll Be There Everynight, you can’t go wrong. Rakeem manages to keep his perfected sound and flow through-out. Another track that we took something from as he brings his cool, calm, collective style to the front.

‘Take 2′ and ‘Last Take’ are just dope as the first song on the album ‘Mic Check’. All three of these songs are short and over the same beat but we still feel the need to highlight these tracks. Rakeem seems to be at his best when he is on some real hip hop beats such as these. Plus, in all our reviews we haven’t heard an artist use the same beat 3 times and still continue to make it sound like it was the first time hearing it. Nicely done.

‘New Kid’ in our opinions is by far the best song on the this project. Rakeem seems to be locked in with the beat and performed this song with passion. This song is the crem de le crem on this mixtape. We caught ourselves learning the lyrics as we played this song multiple times.

Another track we must speak on is called ‘Heavy Thoughts’. You can hear Rakeem shedding some of his skin as he brings forth his honesty while putting things in perspective for his new and old fans. With the Tupac sample in the beginning, Rakeem delivers pain agony and stress. We rock with this song heavy – no pun intended.

We enjoyed a lot of the songs on the mixtape but to say it’s flawless is impossible and that”s just like every mixtape out. We’ve ask ourself why some of these song titles don’t match the actually hook or compliment that music itself. Plus, we never been fans of mixtapes that are hosted by DJ’s only because with all the unnecessary screaming and extra’s it sometimes tend to dilute the artist and in some cases it happens on this mixtape.

Lets sum it up. What we have learned is Rakeem is not like the typical drug dealing, trap rapper that has stagnated the game lately but more of a Hip Hop head that has more substance to his music. Holding true to his North Carolina roots, and where Hip Hop is at an all time high, Rakeem fits in his lane perfectly. This mixtapes stays cohesive throughout and sounds sonically right on point. Rakeem is clearly more than able to handle himself as a MC and should be on your radar from here on out. We look forward to hearing more music from the Greensboro rep in the future.

We have supplied the link down below for you to pick this up and also a freestyle session that we found on Youtube to check out. Its WELL worth the listen.

Download the mixtape off his website: RAKEEMMUSIC.COM

-AshesAndDrinks - Ashes and Drinks

"Hip-Hop Artist Get Down To Talk About His Music Project"

This time we met Rakeem an young talented artist with lots of ambitions in the music industry.

Influenced by people around him rather than big names in the music industry, Rakeem definilety take a big step to make a difference.

Go Behind The Scenes with Rakeem and Get an Exclusive In-Studio Look at How He Works on New Music For His Upcoming Mixtape FanBase Vol.2 .

Rakeem, we really appreciate this moment you gave us to talk to you and let the world know exactly who is Rakeem and what your music is all about.

Hip Hop music is now becoming a great reference to a lot of people, we are really sure that they want to know more about you.

Tell us about you:

My name is Rakeem. I am hiphop artist from Greensboro, NC. I am currently working on my new project FanBase Vol.2 that is set to release this summer.

When did you start making music:

I started making music at 19.

Who is your role model in the music world:

I get inspiration from all pasta of life. I'm influenced by more so the people that I'm around rather than people in the music industry.

Have you ever been so moved by a song that you cried? If so what was it?

No I haven't reached that point yet. Maybe further in my career I will make a track that brings those emotions out one day.

Is there anything you would do differently in your career:

I'm not sure if I would do anything different at this point. I'm just taking my music one step at a time. I'm still learning and soaking things in add I continue perfecting my craft in the studio and on the business aspect.

Who would you like to be as famous as:

I really just want to see how far I can take my career.I just focus on staying in my own lane. I really don't care abbot being super famous as long as my fans and supporters are satisfied. That's what I focus on the most.

What is your secret to be different from other musicians:

I'm just being myself in the studio. I don't try to sound like nobody else or talk about the same things that's other rappers talk about. Being myself is being different.

Who would you want to do a tour/concert with:

I would do a tour with anything honestly. Right now I'm in the world's of planning a tour myself to help get my name out there more so that I get familiar with the touring business before I do a tour quoth somebody major.

Do you ever get lost in the music:

All the time. Especially if I'm in a room by myself.

Do you plan to make music for as long as you can:

I'm not sure yet. At a certain point I might just stop recording and probably continue writing for other artist.

What message do you send to your fans:

I try to make music that they can relate to in all aspects of life. On every song I try to be as honest as possible. I also want my fans to know that every dream can be reached.

Is there any site we can find you and listen to your latest song:

Yo can visit my website at www.rakeemmusic.com

This interview allowed you to reveal yourself and talk more about you? If yes are you satisfy?

Yes the questions were on point.

Any last thing to mention?

I started a new Youtube Series Called "Fanbase Season 2". It's gonna be different episodes released every Friday night at 9pm. I'm calling it Fanbase Fridays - Lion Dream Records

"[Official Video] Rakem - Stay Down"

Artist: Rakeem

Track: Stay Down (produced by Neslace)

About Video: Rakeem releases his brand new video for his latest single “Stay Down” (produced by Neslace). This a good track that you can vibe to. Take a ride around the city with Rakeem in this one.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPCbWPEc7DE

Twitter: RakeemNC

Instagram: RakeemNC

Website: www.rakeemmusic.com - Jonathan Ables


Still working on that hot first release.




Rakeem has a keen sense of music and his flow have a true sound of hip hop. His lyrics tells a story of what he and other people alike witness everyday. My goal and what I believe to be my strongest asset is being able to make my music relatable to others, really anyone. Its that type of love for music and idea of what works for him that creates who Rakeem is as a hip hop artist. His main focus is bringing it Back Home, the hit single of his new mixtape Little Man Big Dreams. Rakeems hometown Greensboro, NC is the city he puts on for. The video for Back Home was shot in downtown Greensboro where he decided to give people an exclusive view of his home.

The songs Rakeem make have a vibe that is authentic in sound because he is socially conscious of whats happening around him and that is what attracts people. Rakeem prides his lyrics on thinking about what he says instead of just saying meaningless things on a track. He hopes to spread that type of emotion and drive through his music. Real hip hop is slowly but surely making its way back into the masses, I got to make sure I do my part.

Rakeem has the elements of a southern rapper with his soulful beats and each track can transcend for any generation. This young, collegiate upcoming artist has the motivation to inspire others through what he loves, hip hop and he does that while he attends Pembroke University in North Carolina. His education is just important to him as his career as an artist and that is what he wants to communicate to people that listen to his music.

FanBase Vol.1 debuted in 2014 with single "To The World" which is available on iTunes. He most recently release Volume 2 on January 19th of 2016 with the leading single "5 Nights In The Boro" and "All I Want". His music is a book of stories that he wishes to tell his fans as he continues to build his fan base. He is creating history and he plans to leave behind a legacy.

Currently, you can find Rakeem recording with producers such as Lynx, Leeroy Myke and Poovey Beatz. The team works so well together, Rakeem puts his dreams through the wire and is able to convert it to a track and then to a masterpiece. Each mixtape is considered album ready and is leaves listeners anticipating the next big thing.

His future plans include touring the East Coast, booking shows in his hometown while showing North Carolina love and as he travels communicate that same love wherever he goes.

For more information, visit www.rakeemmusic.com

CONTACT (interviews, booking, media & all other requests):

phone: 336.580.7200
email: rakeemmusic@gmail.com

Twitter: @RakeemNC

Instagram: @RakeemNC

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