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Aside from the success of their own internet TV and Radio Shows (Run Ya Mouf/Drunk n Throwed) in 2000 these Multi-Award Winning brothers formed the hit music factory known as RA'KOO NATION Walk As One


Ra’Koo began Ra’Koo Nation Entertainment in the summer of August, 2001. On the balcony of his modest two-bedroom apartment, he pulled aside his brother-in-law, brother and nephew and decided to create the family of Ra’Koo Nation ("RKN").

Now in 2005 he has continued with his family as it has grown from brothers, sisters, and in-laws to the community of Dallas artists that he also refers to as “Family”.

Ra’Koo constantly seeks out producers and artists within the Dallas area for compilations. All of which show the same love to Ra’Koo Nation as they do their own.

RKN music is on rotation with 89.3 has been in several contests on 97.9 The Beat as well as a Creating his own Internet Station "RKN INTERNET RADIO NETWORK" With 7 different shows amassing over 500k hit in a month! www.rakoonation.com

RKN has also collaborated with one of the hottest up and coming Dallas Director, Tahiti (Birth of Wack) for its’ newest video “Can’t Get Throwed”.

Initially Ra’Koo had given himself a “Five Year Plan” to put RKN on the map as one of Dallas’ finest entertainment families. Ending the fifth year Ra’Koo decided “RKN is just getting started, we are going places and doing things far beyond our dreams and we have so much more to offer, I just can’t stop now”. RKN will not be stopped, not until you urn on every radio station and HEAR our music. Not until you tune into your favorite music video station and SEE our music, not until you go to any club and FEEL our music.

Are you ready?

Ra’Koo Nation

As Always...Walk as One.


Breath on Em-2001, Wreck Shop- 2002, Omega Ra Project- 2003 Hit R Miss- 2004, Tales of a "4" Father-2006. OH MIX TAPE SERIES 1-4