Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Unafraid of both straight-up hooks and experimental song structure, Raleigh is a band carving their own space in new music. Indie rock, damaged by art, exposed and intimately pointed, connectivity through song.


Unafraid of both straight-up hooks and experimental song structure, Raleigh is a band carving their own space in new music. Thoughtful refrains are woven by vocals, cello, and guitar, with drums and bass treading the groove together. Indie rock, damaged by art, exposed, but intimately pointed, connectivity through song.

Raleigh’s sophomore record, ‘Sun Grenades & Grenadine Skies’ was released in late 2013. The album spent six consecutive weeks on the Earshots! National top 50, being cited as “a sophisticated and seemingly infinite journey of musical exploration,” (Rokline Mag). As the Toronto Star put it, “there's no denying the poise and discipline with which Raleigh struts its mysterious stuff.”

The album put the band back in a van and took them across Canada twice, then overseas from Edinburgh to Berlin with six weeks of European tour dates, totaling over one-hundred-fifty shows in six countries through 2013/2014.

With a palm on the pulse of the world of live music, the kids that go to shows, and the floors they invite you to sleep on, Raleigh’s music derives from the fervour of the lives of the people they cross paths with.

Since the conception of the band in 2010, Raleigh has toured Canada a handful of times with highlight performances including the Calgary Folk Fest, Salmon Arm Roots& Blues Festival, NXNE, Sled Island, and Breakout West, and has shared the stage with the likes of Dan Mangan, the Books, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Cold Specks, Snowblink, AroarA, Lower Dens, and Wake Owl.

"Raleigh create beautifully layered songs that are as delicate as they are sophisticated. Tight vocal harmonies interweave and counterpoint with instrumental arrangements that sound far larger than their lineup might indicate. Geiger and Anas lyrics are both literate and accessible, creating an entire storybook world where characters are well rounded and familiar, traveling through settings that are all their own." - (Beatroute Magazine, May 2011)

"Without question, the indie anthems Raleigh pen are beautiful, but they aren't suffocated by their own preciousness. Jazzy numbers like Marrow and slow burners like the LP closer, Savant are laced with quirky transitions and Waits like percussion clanks. Unlike so many bands that prefer a softer voice and hushed tones, the results speak volumes." - (Herohill)

Cello, guitar and drums, melded into a sound solid enough to make them stand out from the pack. - (The Wounded Jukebox)

"A More Thoughtful, Elegant Indie: Raleigh released its debut album, a wondrous opus with original musical motifs in droves. Clea Anais, Brock Geiger, and Matt Doherty blend cello, guitar, and drums to create little gems of aural and literary pulchritude." - (the Voice Magazine)

"Raleigh's 'New Times in Black and White' reflects both the down to earth attitude of the band as well as the lofty musical intricacies the group is willing to tackle." - (Around in Sound)

"Refracted through their personal lens, Raleigh inhabit a shape-shifting capacity. Doherty, a deep-pocketed drummer, helps flesh things out as he gathers momentum like a locomotive while Geiger's guitar bursts over Anais' piano notes that drop like rain. A Frankenstein of their own making, maybe. Made up of available parts and pieces as its palpable genius works, plays, and stirs." - (Discorder Magazine)



Written By: Raleigh

bought through a blue heart
a branch on Sunday morning
that the wings dropped you unto
and through the window
a yellow seeping glory
of a heart rested anew
the count of cement footsteps on the path of unexpected
come to find you

caught in the evening
a thought passed undetected
and translated before you
and in its waking
your hands they pedaled backwards
shielding blows that contained truth
if recompense could barter in the matters of the heart
we could fish souls from the blue

we have all waited
'til circumstance dictated to us

pulled my ligaments hard
scrounge bones in the part yard
tenements hold my stick sides upright
stretched with breaths through lips sealed right

like a drip taped from me to you

Balloon Boy

Written By: Raleigh

put the boy in the balloon
sent him far away from you
when the police come and call
hope he hides and remains small

prison doors have camera eyes
concrete walls reflect your cries
TV hopes becoming small
reality can shock us all

in the field the blades of grass moved passed my face
and crickets jump towards the sun
the porch would creek in certain places
and it was warm
the days were long

run, boy run

Tunnel Vision

Written By: Raleigh

move on me like a centipede

concentrate to catch the lights vibrating
your tunnel vision might surround you

everybody hurts
all bodies burn
everybody learns they want to love again

it landed hard
without a recognition
the longer hours
catch the fleeting seconds
I watched you cry
mind a turbine whirring
my mouth run dry
the prairie passing
a windy trial

you've got a heart
i've got these hands


Written By: Raleigh

I've been trying for years to cheer up
Godspeed is not what I've needed
Keeping the X's from my eyes

Time resides in frames of still life
Retrials feed the heart beating
Misery loves company, sometimes so do I


Written By: Raleigh

Start at the bottom, building a trail
Grow the covering with moss
Away from the diamonds, into the hills
Spreading 'til it's lost
Clearness keeps the center still
Gardens grow all on their own

We're all just a funeral
Can't deny it's beautiful
We're all just a funeral
Carved deep into more meaningful wordlessness

Start on the inside, leaving a trail
So no trace is found
All the debris clutters the mind
Shed like the fur
The sweet sounds the mountain found
Carved deep into more meaningful wordlessness

We're all just a funeral
Can't deny it's beautiful
We're all just a funeral
Carved deep into more meaningful wordlessness


'Remixed Sun Grenades' (May 2014)
'Sun Grenades & Grenadine Skies' (November 2013)
'New Times In Black and White
(May 2011)