Rally For One

Rally For One

 Long Beach, California, USA

Named one of Music Connection Magazine's Hot 100 Live Unsigned Bands in 2010.

"Rally For One has all the pieces to be one of the next great bands." - Radio Disney DJ Bryan Edwards


Rally For One is a Long Beach, California based band that has been performing together since 2007. Hailing from all over the country Brett, John, Blake and Marty come from a unique blend of musical backgrounds. 4-part vocal harmony is the driving force behind Rally’s signature sound, bringing a refreshingly musical element to the pop rock genre. Their debut album, "Dreamin'", was released in August 2008 and flawlessly showcases each of the band member’s individual strengths in songwriting, proficiency on their instruments and distinct vocal styles.

In their three years of existence, Rally For One has booked in 31 states, along with a mini-tour to England. Audiences are always left wanting more of the guys’ fun, energetic music and presence after a show. Rally’s sophomore album,"4 Sides to Everything", was released in September 2009 and reveals the band’s transformation into a more mature, established sound.

Looking ahead, Rally For One will release a brand new 5-song EP in Spring 2011 along with booking their 7th national tour.


Bob Ya' Head

Written By: Rally For One

Hey everybody in the place to be
Makin' you move is our specialty ,with a new sound so get up and get down

Droppin' in from the East Coast,so much soul
My momma always said I had no control
Got music in my blood, it's a drug in my veins
Flows through my body and controls my brain

Well I'm no shy guy from the Midwest
Came out to California and I'm here to impress
Follow me and stay close behind
I'm livin' this dream one day at a time

I'm B-rett, I bleed red
I'm a Husker fan until I die
Give me corn-fed steak and apple pie

Pre Chorus:
Put a guitar in my hand
Don't sit get up and stand
And if the feeling's c'mon and dance tonight
Bob Ya' Head to the beat like this

Bob ya' head, c'mon, bob ya' head
c'mon, c'mon, c'mon and just bob ya' head
bob ya' head, c'mon like we said
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon and just bob ya' head

See the girl in the corner in blue
She be dyin' to dance with you
Take her hand, be a man, don't worry if you can't dance we got the groove

First we're gonna drop a little beat like this
So when your feet hit the floor they just can't resist
Then when you got nothin' left to do, Bob your head just like we do



(repeat Pre-chorus and chorus)

Hold On

Written By: Rally For One

I've been lookin' for a sign, a place to keep within my heart
A place that I know deep inside, always pushes through the dark
And it carries me, just to hold on

Well I saw the other day, in a world inside yourself
Are you lookin' far away, are you bein' someone else
Oh my baby, you, gotta hold on

Hold on, when nobody's there you gotta
Hold on, when everything's fading out
When you feel like you can't go on, baby, hold on

I know it's weighing on your mind and your future you don't see
But everything I wanna find, everything I wanna be
Is here with you, so lets go on


I look outside of my window
Everyone's waiting to go
It's gonna be alright, if you stay here tonight
You know, you know, you know you gotta hold on



Written By: Rally For One

Call me, just call me tonight
I'm sorry, so sorry tonight
Shouldn't have said all the things that I did
Now I wish you were here with me so I could...

You hate it when I wear my favorite shirt everyday
I have to hide it from you so you do not throw it away

I can't stand you, but I can't get enough

I don't get you, and you don't get me
But somehow we make each other happy (2x)

Out to dinner and you always want the most expensive item
You piss our waiter off and then you expect me to fight him, Oh no
I should construct my very own remote control
So I could mute all of your friends during the Super Bowl

To understand you, is pretty tough


You keep running through my head
And I keep thinking bout' what you said
And I want change, and you won't change
We're too damn stubborn to not stay the same



Dreamin' (2008)
Singles: "Come Back Down", "Lemon Water" and "Without You"

4 Sides to Everything (2009)
Singles: "Bob Ya' Head", "Hold On" and "Front Porch"

Rally For One continues to receive radio airplay throughout the Midwest.

Set List

Rally For One's set list includes:

Come Back Down
Without You
Girl For Me
Up to You This Time
Lemon Water
The Way I Came
Getting Used To
Carry Me
Bob Ya' Head
Hold On
Left Unsaid
So You Say
Moves So Slow
As Fast As I can
Front Porch
Skipping Stones
Pushing Through
Careful On a Sea
Went To Waste
Time to Start


Steal My Kisses- Ben Harper
Two Princes- Spin Doctors
Listen to the Music- The Doobie Brothers
Low- Flo Rida
Paperback Writer- The Beatles
90's Rock Medley- Various
Drive- Incubus
Used to Be- Down the Line
Sweet Home Alabama- Lynyrd Skynyrd
Faith- George Michael
Knock Down Walls For You-Tonic
Slide- Goo Goo Dolls
I Want You Back- Jackson 5
Sing a Song- Earth, Wind, and Fire
Dynamite- Taio Cruz
Superstition- Stevie Wonder
Give Me On Reason- Tracy Chapman
Mama Mia- Abba
Dancing Queen- Abba
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You- Jersey Boys
YMCA- Village People
Puff The Magic Dragon- Peter, Paul,