Rally Six

Rally Six


Rally Six is an energetic pop/rock band from the Cincinnati tri-state area. They blend pop punk with alternative rock for a completely unique radio friendly sound.


Rally Six is a pop/rock band that was established in April of 2003. The band consists of 5 guys from the suburbs of the Cincinnati area. They made their debut performance in November 2003 and have played many shows since with popular local and national acts. Rally Six's first LP "If You Saw Me Now..." (now out of print) was released in November of 2005 and was met with generally positive reviews from fans and press . In the summer of 2006, the band returned to the studio to record a three song radio promo. The single "She's My Rushmore" attracted some attention and was played for 8 straight weeks on Cincinnati radio station New Rock 97.3's Homegrown hour until the station changed formats. Rally Six's style continues to mature every year yet somehow sticking with the core genre their fans have grown to appreciate along with their energetic stage show. Over the last four years Rally Six has been fortunate enough to share the stage with the following the national acts: The Pink Spiders (Geffen), Days Like These (Lobster Records), Scatter the Ashes (Epitaph), The Spill Canvas (One Eleven Records), The Audition (Victory), Minutes Too Far (Doghouse Records), Brazil (Fearless), and As Tall As Lions (Triple Crown)


If You Saw Me Now... (LP) - released Nov 2005 (out of print)

3 Song Radio Promo (EP) - released Feb 2007

Set List

Typical 30-35 minute set:

1. She's My Rushmore
2. 2 Hands For Safety
3. Because of You, I Have Nightmares
4. Secret Handshakes and the Offer That Still Stands
5. Two Years, Ninety Four Days
6. Now That I Have My Coffee, I'm Ready to Watch Radar

If time permits, the following songs are sometimes intergrated into the set at random:

1. At Least You Didn't Get Dumped in a Myspace Message
2. Choke on This
3. New Nightmare
4. Drowning
5. Underground
6. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)