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"'OPPOSITES' a sparkling release by Ralph and Ralph"

ARTIST: Ralph and Ralph

ALBUM: “Opposites” (Leg Knee Knee Records)

There seems to be a plethora of kid’s music purveyors in our region, and you can add Ralph and Ralph to that ever-growing list.

This sparkling release, receives accolades from no higher authority than Todd Rundgren as well as Kate Pierson. This is brainchild of big Ralph (Ralph Carney) and little Ralph (Ralph Legnini) as well as KT Legnini, Abba Roland and Lucia Legnini, apparently Carney’s expertise is in things you blow into, while Legnini specializes in things you strum.

Recorded at E Boy Studios in scenic West Shokan, the Ralphs kick things off with the almost New Orleans-parade music vibe of “Hey Kids,” as the principles identify themselves: “hey kids, this is Abba, Ralph and Ralph play too/We’re gonna do some song for you.” And they do.

“Drag Around Blues” chronicles the agony of being held hostage by a shopping parent — and yearning to escape home. Thought-provoking fare like “Do Grownups Ever Mess Up?” “Worms, Pigs & Kids” and “Feeling Blobby” compete with more sentimental songs like “New At Love” and “The World Spins Right.”

This is a big step up. Not watered-down rock, Ralph and Ralph doesn’t dumb down their music for kids, because kids are smart — and maybe smarter than you think.


Visit www.ralphandralphmusic.com.

- The Daily Freeman, Kingston, NY


Our debut CD, "Opposites" is available now on our official website: www.ralphandralphmusic.com and at cdbaby.com



Ralph and Ralph are Ralph Legnini, Ralph Carney, Abba Roland and Kt Legnini - one of us is small, one of us is tall, two of us are girls!
Ralph & Ralph did the music for the acclaimed HBO kids' TV show Encyclopedia, which was produced by the folks at Sesame Street. They also collaborated on the pilot for a new Little Rascals TV show and other kids' music projects. They were in the band Tin Huey together, and while Big Ralph was Tom Waits' horn player and musical director, Little Ralph worked in the studio for producers Nile Rodgers and Todd Rundgren. Their most recent collaboration is this very musical, funny and thoughtful CD for kids. Abba Roland (a/k/a Abba Rage) is a singer / songwriter who did what David Bowie deemed the best cover version of one of his songs – Starman. Kt Legnini (a/k/a Katie Taylor) is an artist, singer & performer from the 80's NYC cult band Konk, and later Volti & Dynamojo.
Inspired by their children they decided to make an album of kid's music for all ages.

Ralph & Ralph & Abba & Kt like to sing about things kids and parents are feeling and thinking about - and they do it in a big fun musical way!
Stuff like how it feels being dragged around all day while mom is shopping for shoes!
Or how wonderful it feels to hear how much daddy loves you!
Are you feelin' blobby?
Do Opposites attract? And what does that mean?
Hey, what does your kid think when you cook spaghetti in the same pot he saw his sister throw up in last week? Yuk!
And is mom often the one who falls asleep while she sings the nighttime lullaby? Probably!
Ralph & Ralph wrap all these words up in lots of yummy ear candy for you and your kids!

Mini Reviews:
“A fab and delicious frolic to funtown for music loving kids and their moms and dads – this cradle full of quirky and confectious melodies will rock you!”
- Kate Pierson – B52's

“I'm so jealous – now I want to make music for kids! This takes me back to happier times working in PeeWee's Playhouse. The Ralphs have struck a nerve... funnybone, I think.” - Todd Rundgren