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"Water Front Blues Festival, Journey to Memphis Competition"

The first contestant to take the stage was Corvallis’ own solo keyboardist Ralph Bassinger, who definitely knows how to lay down some serious Chicago style blues … particularly when it comes to Otis Spann. Once a child prodigy who was classically trained, Ralph’s life was changed when he heard Otis’ Chicago blues sound, and is now perhaps one of the finest masters of the Chicago blues piano to be found anywhere outside of The Windy City. I had to keep checking to make sure that it wasn’t actually Otis up there playing. Well, ok, I’m lying. Otis has been gone now for 35 years or more. But he was that good. - Web blog from WFB spectator

"Water Front Blues Festival, Journey to Memphis Competition"

As this was the first set, the crowd was minimal to begin with as solo pianist Ralph Bassinger began his set. The crowd grew quite immensely over his time and began to be very enthusiastic. Ralph is a master boogie player, telling stories from his own life experiences and throwing in original renditions of Otis Spann's "Spann's Stomp" and Jimmy Rogers' "That's All Right." He left more than a few mouths agape with his on-the-money delivery and adeptness on the 88s. - Greg Johnson

"Review of CD 'Waiting for My Train"

Ralph Bassinger is a blues & boogie woogie pianoplayer from Oregon, who's
been playing for almost 30 years. Although he hads played that long, this is his
first solo recording. Before now he only did sessionwork and was a pianist
in a few bands. On this debut "Waiting For My Train", which was encouraged
byJimmy D.Lane, the superb guitarplayer, which insiders will know as Jimmy
Rogers' son, he plays and sings "live" in the studio without any overdubs,
some boogie woogie numbers and slower blues piano songs. All of the songs were written by Ralph
except two:"That's Allright" by Jimmy Rogers, mentioned above, and
"Reconsider Baby" by Lowell Fullsom. Why Ralph waited this long to record
his first cd is what we ask ourselves, because this pianoplayer sure knows
how to play those keys, that's for sure. After 30 years of playing he should
know how,O.K., but there's more, this man has "it". the same thing Pinetop
Perkins, Otis Spann and Jimmy Yancey also had: the perfect emotion, the
perfect timing, that "feeling" for those keys, something only a few
pianoplayers had. An incredible example of that is: "Red Knows". I was a big
fan of Otis Spann and his unique style of playing, and therefore I was very
happy to be able to talk to Paul Osher this week , who played together with
Otis in Muddy Waters band, and they both lived in Muddy's house for four
years. But since Otis died, I seldom or better said: never, heard that
pianosound again.....Until now, because this is the man, who, just like Otis
Spann, knows how it should be done: Those subtile high notes, wonderful!.
"Red Knows" is a song I listened to twice in a row, something which never
happened to me ever before. That Ralph seems to be a fan of Otis Spann too,
is proved by his opening track, the boogie woogie "Tribute to Otis". Another
example of splendid barrelhouse is the titlesong "Waiting for my train".The
guitar work of Jimmy D. Lane on the track his father, Jimmy Rogers wrote is
perfect for this cd. Different from his own style, it's subtile and laid
back, and leaves lots of space for Bassinger's piano. "Thinking Of Elmore"
is of course a tribute to the king of slide, again it's a great boogie. The
slow: "Learning How To Love The Blues" once again reminds me of Otis Spann.
The changing between boogie woogie en slower pianoblues keeps this cd
interesting. "Salina's Shuffle", " Mississippi Mind" en "Circle Boogie", is
almost complete rock and roll, interacting with "Reconsider Baby" en "Taking
Jimmy Home", with the wonderful guitar of Jimmy D. Lane, who take the tempo
down for a while. To end...2 swinging barrelhouse tracks "Barrel By The
Door" en "Angela Marie", stirring things up one more time. Ralph Bassinger,
a bluespianoplayer who, playing live and by himself,captivates your
attention from beginning to end. On some of the songs when guitarplayer
Jimmy.D lends a helping hand, things get even better.Few will do better.
Hats off to Ralph (and Jimmy D.)
- http://www.rootstime.be/

"Review of CD 'Waiting For My Train'"

Ralph Bassinger "Waiting For My Train" (***). If you like that good 'ol Pinetop Perkins and Otis Spann piano boogie n' Blues Ralph Bassinger's got you covered on this enjoyable showcase. Commencing with the Spann homage "Tribute To Otis" Bassinger's digit's roll, leap and pounce on the 88's for fourteen authentic numbers. Split between instrumentals and vocals from Bassinger the set also features Jimmy D. Lane on guitar for six. Bassinger's wry, dry voice has a vintage 1940s tone- full of charm- but it's that key crawling that drives the point home. It's very much a small lounge affair that'll have you halting your conversations and just listen to the cat in the corner going at the ivories. Twelve of the pieces are original with Jimmy Rogers' "That's Alright" and Lowell Fulsom's ubiquitous "Reconsider Baby" thrown in for good measure.

- Review from 'Blues Critic Media' www.bluescritic.com

"Review of CD 'Waiting For My Train'"

What a refreshing disc of boogie Blues piano this is. A style of music that just does not get a lot of attention nowadays. There are a lot of great piano players to be heard, but they're simply not releasing a lot of this type of piano recordings much anymore. There was a time when you could hear the likes of Memphis Slim, Little Brother Montgomery or Otis Spann tearing up the keys, and thanks to Ralph Bassinger, we're assured that it is not a dead art form.
Recorded at the illustrious Blue Heaven Studios in Salina, Kansas, Bassinger takes us on a barrelhouse joyride accompanied only on a handful of tracks by guitar master Jimmy D. Lane, the son of the legendary Jimmy Rogers. The chemistry between the two is brilliant, but the guitar is simply accompaniment. It is the piano which is far and away the star of this disc, and Ralph Bassinger's fingerwork flying across those 88s is stunning.
The opening track is aptly titled 'Tribute to Otis' and one listen tells you it is a fitting shout out to the former Muddy Waters key-board great. It also bears witness to what is in store throughout the rest of the disc. There is no lull on this recording. All but two of the tracks are originals, with the covers being nice takes on Jimmy Rogers' 'That's All Right' and Lowell Fulson's 'Reconsider Baby'.
If you're a fan of boogie piano piano stylings, or just a fan of Blues music in general, 'Waiting For My Train' would be a nice addition to your collection. Piano Blues cannot sound any finer than what Ralph Bassinger has laid down here! - 'Blues Notes' C.B.A. Greg Johnson

"Review of CD 'Waiting For My Train'"

The translation is courtesy of a friend's wife who is from this region.

The album "Waiting For My Train" is some of the best I have heard in recent times when it comes to the Traditional Blues.
It's something that touched my heard that I cannot even explain.
If you like "traditional blues" don't hesitate for a moment to get the "Waiting For My Train" Album.
Ralph is compared to some of the Legendaries such as Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis. Had Ralph been born earlier
he, no doubt, would be among the Great Blues; but with Ralphs talent he will, no doubt, be the future of the blues.
Ralph Bassinger renews some of the already forgotten blues.
All those who sadly did not hear the blues don't know what they are missing but that is not my problem. If you like the blues, don't hesitate to purchase the Album "Waiting For My Train" by Ralph Bassinger

"A few sentences compares him to other singers and then talks about the history of blues music but since I don't know anything about the blues it doesn't make to much sense to me personally, but A lot of is it the same sentiment put in different wording with repetitiveness and that is the praise of the Album."
- http://www.soundguardian.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=4371&Itemid=53


Just finished listening to the sample tracks off your latest disc & was knocked out by what I heard. Jimmy D. was spot on with his praises & recognizing your amazing talent. I've listened to & have seen the best & your in the middle of the pack on the same race track. Please send me a copy so I can share your music with my listeners. Thanks The Blues Hound Producer/Programmer 90.1 FM KPFT Houston www.kpft.org - The Blues Hound, KPFT Houston, Tx

"International Blues Challenge"

Ralph is an incredible boogie woogie/blues piano player. - David Simmons, IBC judge

"Personal Note"

My dad would have hired you on the spot.

(Jimmy's father is the great Jimmy Rogers.) - Jimmy D. Lane


Waiting For My Train (May 2007)

All tracks on the CD have received significant a irplay in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.
I was the Featured artist on KZUM radio program, 'Highway Blues' in July of 2007.
The song 'Angela Marie' was featured on the syndicated radio program 'Blues Deluxe' 7/8-7-14, going out to over 100 commercial stations with an estimated 2 million listeners. Please see reviews in the 'Press Reviews' section



I've been playing blues & boogie piano for over 35 years. My parents started me on lessons when I was 5. My training was 'classical'. After the death of my father at age 13 I lost interest and quit lessons as well as playing. My interest revived at age 19 after hearing Otis Spann. I fell in love with the blues, and have been listening and playing them since. After becoming deaf in one ear at age 25 due to a tumor I drastically cut back my purblic performances, playing only at an occasional coffee house gig. In 2004, with the encouragement of Jimmy D. Lane, I began to actively seek blues performance opportunities. I accepted an offer with a band called King Ju Ju & the Beats (still love that name). I entered the Journey to Mepmphis competition sponsered by the Cascade Blues Association, and was one of 4 finalists (I was the only solo act that advanced) to play at the Waterfront Blues festival. I also was asked to be the keyboard player for the 'Harmonica Blowoff at the 2005 Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, Or. (getting to do a set with Paul Delay which I'll never forget). I left King Ju Ju to become a member of Bill Rhoades and the Party Kings that same month. I played as a semifinalist at the IBC in Memphis, Tn. solo/duo category in 2006. I joined with Stu Kinzel and Lynn Ann Hyde to form a trio in 2006. 2007 saw the completion of a dream, as I finally recorded my first CD, "Waiting For My Train". The CD is self produced, on my own label, and was recorded with the help of my dear friend Jimmy D. Lane at Blue Heaven Studios in Salina, Kansas.