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Music to me, is much more than expression of self. That should be the foundation. To me music is a tool that can be used to evoke emotion and help others move through the good times and bad. My music displays diversity and versatility, that will be sure to capture the heart of any music lover.


Ralz was born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on the small island of Bequia. At the age of 9 Ralz moved to Toronto where he attended several schools in the Durham and Scarborough region. At the age of 12, Ralz was introduced to instrumental music and quickly moved his way through the brass section, learning how to play the baritone, trumpet, tuba and trombone.

During his grade 9 year he taught himself how to play the drums and the piano. Using his knowledge of music and computers, he was quickly producing instrumentals on his desktop computer that showcased his musical ability. Continuing to learn and develop, Ralz soon began writing original rhymes that would suit his original beats and is known for his intelligent lyrics, subtle comedic content and unique flow.

In 2005, Ralz helped co-found the Triple Diamond Crew (TDC) - - and was the lone producer laying vocals on all 15 tracks on the album titled In The Process. Their success came from being able to capture the imaginations of all music lovers in all demographics. Pleased with the TDC’s success and strong reviews from doing shows, Ralz recorded a mixtape. Without the right resources the TDC could only go so far, and each of the members began to focus on post-secondary school and work; with Ralz choosing to step in the world of real-estate.

With good luck and fortune Ralz found himself working for the International P.A. Records Inc. Now Ralz is a super-producer, rapper, engineer and a writer seemingly overnight.

The International P.A. Records Inc. is a label based out of Pickering, Ontario that proudly represents a diverse assortment of musical genres including Hip-Hop, Reggae and Reggaeton.

P.A. Records is proud to present Ralz’s first smash single T-O-R-O-N-T-O, featuring two other P.A. artists, Yardy and El Presidente.

With the release of this record, we are witnessing a dream come true for a young man born on the small island of Bequia and raised in the city of the future: Toronto.



Written By: Ravi "Ralz" Ollivierre

Performers: Ravi Ollivierre aka Ralz
Devon Grant aka Yardy
Remberg Larios aka El Presidente

HOOK (RALZ - Pitch Shifted) 8 BARS

T-O-R-O-N-T-O, T-O-R-O-N-T-O//
T-O-R-O-N-T-O, T-O-R-O-N-T-O//

BRIDGE (RALZ - Pitch Shifted) 4 BARS


I put on for my city//
that's why the blue jay bird is stitched on my fitted//
and I rep P.A. and that's internationally//
now that's a lot of zeros, mula, dinero, you get me//
well hit me, not a minute goes by when a brother not making money//
sunny, rain, sleet, snow, round up my people, the grind in so lethal, we going to take over for sure//
you with me, (yea), good, you still there, T-O-,//
well im'a put on for my carribean people//
raise your hand up in a the air, prep the top cause we're almost there//
T-O-, T-O-, T-O-, P.A., P.A., P.A., P.A., EH!!//
T-O-, T-O-, P.A., can't get the city out of me//
we got some fine women, looking like their out of a magazine,

HOOK (RALZ - Pitch Shifted) 8 BARS


meh say me do it like no other and me put on for my city//
anybody have a problem tell them tdot dey fo find me//
where the hottest set of gyal dem in the world me going garantee//
make me say whoa, that a a-plus quality//

the city always live you never worry about that//
fun from out the blue like your last name labatt//
if you see a screw face then nah worry bout that//
in a me blue jay fitted, take it straight to the top, in a-//

HOOK (RALZ - Pitch Shifted) 8 BARS

BRIDGE 2 (El Presidente) 4 BARS
*la rassas holding you down Toronto*
*wacheala wacheala*

VERSE 2 (El Presidente) 8 BARS
w/ english translation

Bienvenidas a T-Dot, mis latinas en t-dot (Welcome to T-Dot, my latinas in T-Dot)//
Si tu quieres me convierto en tu guia de T-Dot (if you want i can become your guide in T-Dot)//
el presidente es residente te la pongo bien caliente// con un tumbo que te cala y te penetra hasta la mente(El Presidente is a resident i put it on hot with a rythym that will drill and penetrate into your mind)//

Estamos en T-Dot, Mis latinos en T-Dot(We are in T-Dot, My Latinos in T-Dot)//
Si tu quieres buenas jevas hay latinas en t-dot(if you want good lookin girls there are latinas in T-Dot)//
De Guatemala a puerto rico, venezuela a costa rica// mis latinas estan bien ricas y ay de todas en t-dot(From Guatemala to Puerto Rico, Venezuela to Costa Rica, my latinas are gorgeous and we have them all in T-Dot)//

BRIDGE 2 (El Presidente) 4 BARS

HOOK (RALZ - Pitch Shifted) 8 BARS