Ramana Vieira

Ramana Vieira


“No one in the United States is doing more to breathe new life into Fado than Ramana Vieira, a sultry, dramatic singer.” -Andrew Gilbert, San Francisco Chronicle "The New Star in World Music" S.F. Examiner


Ramana Vieira sings with such a wide range of emotions one cannot help but be mesmerized by
images of “old world” Portugal that emerge from the depths of her soul. Her extraordinary gift of
bringing this 15th century style into modern times is her unique trademark. Often referred to as
the “New Voice of Portuguese World Music,” this powerful vocalist is making her mark as one of
the premier contemporary Fado artists. According to the Portuguese, Fado is a melancholy and
often-mournful music similar to the American blues as it tells stories of heartache and
disappointment. The essence of the poetry is the quality of “saudade,” a word that is difficult to
translate as it expresses a myriad of feelings.

In her new release, “Lagrimas De Rainha (Tears Of A Queen),” Ramana has solidified her place as an artist who understands the tradition of Fado singing
continues to creatively construct a
path into the future by combining new musical textures and original compositions. Many of the
songs on the CD are inspired by Ramana’s main influence, Amalia Rodrigues, known as the
"Rainha do Fado" ("Queen of Fado") and who is attributed to popularizing the Fado worldwide.
According to Ramana, “Nobody else is doing what we are doing with Fado. Take the feel and
groove of Shakira and the melodic textures of Dulce Pontes and that is how I would describe our
music.” Even the emotional concept of “Lagrimas De Rainha” paints sonic pictures that support
Ramana’s desire to invent a fresh Fado sound blooming from the ground of her own family roots.
Her grandfather, a famous musician and composer from Madeira Island, Portugal, left her a rich
musical legacy that Ramana quickly embraced after experiencing the profundity of the
Portuguese culture.

Ramana brings her singing, dancing, and theater
studies (from the American Conservatory
Theatre in San Francisco) to her performances which include: opening for Grammy nominated
fadista Mariza; performing her original song “Unido Para Amar” for the 2006 Winter Olympics
video montage; making her international debut with RPT TV Portuguese network; and chosen to
sing for the Grammy’s 50th Awards special Music Cares benefit to honor Aretha Franklin. Her two prior recordings, “Despi A Alma (I Undressed My Soul)” and “Sem Ti” helped her to gain
recognition, win awards, and appear on the cover of “Mundo Portuguese” Magazine.
However, Ramana’s truly magical spirit comes alive in “Lagrimas De Rainha (Tears Of A Queen)”
which features an outstanding group of musicians, lyricists, and arrangers such as Marcie Brown
(cello), Jeffrey Luiz (classic and electric guitars), Stephen La Porta (drums and percussion),
Alberto Ramirez (electric bass), and special guests, Helder Carvallheira (guitarra or Portuguese
guitar), Didier Bouvet (guitar), and Golden Reel Award winning film composer and arranger,
Robert Randles (“The English Patient,” “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” and “Amadeus”).

Ramana sincerely believes that her progressive and unconventional style of juxtaposing different
instrumental layers and nuances will open new doors for Fado music while continuing to maintain
the integrity of a time-honored tradition. With her incredible artistry and devotion for Fado music
there is no doubt this bright-eyed beauty will accomplish her dream.

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Written By: Ramana Vieira

by Ramana Vieira
Eu tão longa a caminhad it is a long
pedregozos os caminhos a rocky road
longos noites longas dias long nights and long day's
Mas com força de viver with a willing to live

do vazio da tristeza the emptiness of saddness
nas faremos alegrias will think of happy thought's
mesmo que curta seja a vida even though life is so short
é longo o teu sofrer I can see you are suffering

SOPHIA! SOPHIA! Sophia Sophia
Tu és a luz do mundo you are the light of the world
SOPHIA! SOPHIA! Sophia Sophia
Tu és a menina dos meu olhos you are the apple of my eye
Tu és uma bencão do céu you are a gift from the heaven's

Tu es um raio de sol You are a ray of sunlight
Gota de orvalho nas flores a drop of water amongst the flowers
O canto do rouxinol the singing of the nightengale
aguarela de mil cores a shade of thousand colorsPara que eu possa fazer so that you can be able
mais leve a minha agonia to take my agony
Todas as noites eu rezo everynight I pray
P'ra que vivas mais um dia that you live one more day


Amália(This song is dedicated to the late Amália Rodrigues who was the greatest Fadista that ever li

Written By: Words and music by Ramana Vieira

Amália by Ramana Vieira 2006

How could we be so blind to never see your pain?Behind mask and your veil were you tormented by your fame?
Your beautiful eyes that penetrated so deep and The intoxication of your sensuality
Amália, Amália you were the Queen you were the queen.
Verse: 2
The tenderness in your voice,
The music of saudade lived inside of us.
Night after night we were singing with you all the broken hearts and the lágrimas.
We longed to hide in our sorrows, this is life, this is love this is fado.
Amália, Amália you were the Queen you were the queen.


"Lágrimas De Rainha"-Tears Of Queen-2009 Released by Pacific Coast Jazz Label
"Sem Ti" - With out You EP released in 2001-
"Despi A Alma" ( I Undressed My Soul)-2004
For more current video performances google Ramana Vieira on u tube.

Set List

We typically perform two 45 minutes worth of Fados. We have covered the music from the Late most famous singer from Portugal named Amália Rodrigues. And because I am a musician first, I write my own muisc and we perform this as well...
Fado songs and originals;
Set list of music:
1.Sem ti (original)
2.Barco negro
3.Maria Lisboa
4.Triste Sina-Fado
5.Coimbra –traditional Song
6.Fado Marujo-Fado
7.Sophia (Original)
8. Amalia(original)
1.Foi Deus-Fado
2. Povo Que Lavas No Rio-Fado
3.Carregar O Mundo-Original
4. Santa Fé-Original
5.Estranha Forma De Vida-Fado
6. I am for the Fado-original song
7. United In Love –Original song I wrote for the Olympics-2006
8.Despi A ALma-original
9. Lagrimas-Original
10.My Country Portugal-original
11. Cançao Do Mar-Fado
12.Uma Casa Portuguesa-Folk