Aneby, Jönköping, SWE

Four dudes that love music, especially Metal. Aiming to provide a great music experience with the melodies from Melodic Death, the intensity from Thrash and the catchiness from Metalcore.


With its basis formed in February 2009, the band that would later become Ramayana went through lots of member and rehearsal space changes before finally becoming (almost) what they are today in September 2009. By that time, the line-up included all of the current members except for drummer Melker Hellgren, who joined the band in June 2010 (before that, the band used programmed drums since there was no drummer who was up for Metal in their hometown).

Throughout the autumn of 2009 the band wrote and rehearsed their first set of songs, resullting in a debut demo, recorded in March and released in April 2010. During the writing process they also played their first shows, and have now played several local gigs and festivals. New songs, more melodic and heavy than the older ones, is being written and rehearsed as we speak. A new demo/EP therefore should hit the streets in late 2010/early 2011.

The music should preferably speak for itself, but to name a few influences, the song writing is inspired by the Gothenburg sound (In Flames, At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity), the Bay Area sound (you know who), American Metalcore/Deathcore bands (As I Lay Dying, All Shall Perish, Whitechapel) and modern Thrash bands (Lamb Of God, The Haunted). The goal is to mix these to give the listener an as catchy, melodic and intense music experience as possible.


Ramayana EP - 2010 (available via iTunes, Napster, Spotify or as a physical copy)

Set List

Caged In Fear
Mysfaktor 3000
Black Week