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Winnsboro, Texas, United States | SELF

Winnsboro, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Christian Folk


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"Song of Faith Highlight: Emma Ramsey and The Great Interference"

Emma Ramsey, 19, of Winnsboro, describes herself as a pensive, reflective person given to periods of pessimism. Her song "Color Me" reflects a struggle with growing, maturing and aging -- and being made new as God leads through the "seasons" of life. It's an astonishingly perceptive maturity for someone so young.

Her lyrics are "Beautiful," said Platinum-winning lyricist and Song of Faith judge Greg Swint, who was surprised to learn Miss Ramsey was just 19.

"It's the way I see life," said the stylishly retro-dressed Miss Ramsey at the Tyler Morning Telegraph offices on Thursday. She was accompanied by three of her six siblings who all play in the band The Great Interference. Her brother Sam, 23, produced "Color Me" and her sister Johanna, 17, sang backup. Brother James plays the cello.

Emma is a confident, candid woman who firmly assesses her strengths and weakness without self condemnation.

"I think it's my nature to look on the pessimistic side," she said. "I think I'm one of the people that could easily be led to depression if I'm not careful, if I don't use my moods in the right way. That's when being in a family who helps me see the logic when the world does not make sense, is good."

But her moods also drive her creative side, she said. She wouldn't trade them for "stability" if it meant giving up her special connection with God.

"When my emotions are in control rather than God -- when my emotions make me do things I will regret later -- I have to go write it down in a song," she said. "That's how he brings me peace with the words and metaphorical images he gives me. It's how God speaks to me, through those metaphors like the seasons when leaves are turning colors, and you don't want them to."

Swint said, "Emma is very contemporary and very original. I loved her vocals, her melody, and the imagery she used is beautiful; 'The crimson of your blood, in the golden of your love, till I fall dried and brown, and I sink into the ground, ready to be made new,' and also 'the wind is stirring, it's rustling, and I know, yes I know that I'll keep running, when all my soul is burning, within me, 'cause you are holding out your heart and I strain to grasp your arm.'

"Oh man," said Swint, "that's good stuff. My wife and I looked at each other when we heard "Color Me" and said, 'This is really cool.' It's definitely one of my top picks." - Tyler Morning Telegraph, Tyler, TX


Unofficial first album, recorded at home... "The Great Interference" 2007



A unique blend of acoustic/folk/rock, featuring five siblings, "Rambellwood" was begun in 1998 when the Ramsey siblings; -- guitarist/lyricist/composer/vocalist, Sam, and lyricist/vocalist, Emma,-- joined their efforts to create original songs.  Their music grew, and blossomed, with the addition of drummer/cellist, James, vocalist/bassist, Johanna, and pianist, Grace.  Driven by thought-provoking, Christ-centered lyrics, their music is an eclectic fusion of distinctive guitar and melodic piano, given depth with the added elements of bass and drums.

The Ramsey siblings have been musicians since childhood, but it was the release of their first album, self-titled, and recorded at home, in 2007, that motivated them to doggedly pursue publicizing their music.  In 2009, their song, "Color Me", was awarded second prize in the "Song of Faith" contest created by the "Tyler Morning Telegraph", of Tyler, TX, near their hometown.  After spending much of 2009 gigging through-out their area, and into Dallas/Fort Worth, they are now perfecting their recordings, recording new songs, and pushing forward with a passion to share the heart of the Father through music.