Dan Frechette

Dan Frechette

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

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Living In A Dream (1992)
Vision (1994)
Post'76 (1996)
Motel 75 (2000)
Life Without Home (2000)
Lucky Day (2005)
Quick Walk Hard Road (2008)
Performer (2009)
Nothing To Lose But The Blues (2011)
Deal With The Devil (2011)
Hello Goodbye Town (2012)
The Bluegrass Album (2012)
Woman (2012)
Songs Of Love and Pathos (2012)
The Dixieland Album (2012)
Songs Of Woody Guthrie (2012)
A Tease Done Bluegrass (2012)

Set List

My set list reflects the audience. I have so much material to choose from I can play a concert suited for toddlers or nursing home patients or a wild party of teenagers.