Rambo Savage

Rambo Savage

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Up and coming Rapper/Producer Rambo Savage. Original lyrics and beats. This drum line member rocks the mic and brings a special element to all the music he produces. He won't disappoint.


Rocal Mason is from St. Ann, Missouri. He started his music career as a drummer in jr. high, performing with his school band. Rocal is now in high school and is an active member of the Show Me Focus Drum Line. Rocal has always loved poetry and music. So when friends suggested Rap, he thought why not. Rocal adopted the stage name "Rambo Savage". This self-taught Rapper/Producer also writes lyrics. He is currently in the process of producing and recording his first Rap album. Rambo has also produced Pop and Rap beats for recording artist Lovely White and will be featured on her new single "My Way". Rambo Savage is managed by Amy Moore of Poetry and Lyrics. He is schedule for his for his first performance in Hollywood, Ca March 2012. Rambo is also schedule to record with Lovely White and has a photo shoot with Denise Duff of Mega Duff Photography while he is in California for the show.
This artist believes music is a good outlet for self-expression and a great way to stay clear of the streets. Rambo would love to become a famous Rapper/Producer but completely understands how hard it can be to make it in the the music industry. He believes it's always good to have a back up plan. This artist also has a big heart. He wants to give back to the community and help others. Rambo says he would like to become a social worker, counselor or even a psychiatrist some day. For now it's high school, drum line and the music industry.


Self taught Rapper/Producer also writes lyrics. Specializing in Rap music but also Pop,Techno, etc. Wrote, produced and recorded his own music for youtube, etc. and is currently recording his first album. Recently produced pop & rap beats for recording artist Lovely White. Is scheduled for his first live performance this March in Hollywood, Ca. This artist is an active member of the Show Me Focus Drum Line in St. Ann, Mo. Has travel with drum line to perform in California and will perform with group in New York this spring.