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"Juke Feature Pages 5 & 6"

Interview continued. - Juke

"Juke Feature Pages 3 & 4"

photo shoot, Covent Garden, London, 7th July 2010. - Juke

"Juke Feature Pages 1 & 2"

Interview with Adam Richardson, pages 1 & 2 - Juke

"Take the Curse Review"

All the expected tropes of doom metal are here: rasping vocals; churning enormo-riffs; portentous song titles such as Iron Crow and Baptism of the Walking Dead – and of course, spooky skeletons and demons on the cover. But wait, aren't those actually pictures of Fucking Hell, Jake and Dinos Chapman's grotesque sculpture of Nazi atrocities? Like Take the Curse's artwork, the Dorset three-piece's sturm und drang assault is more affecting and substantial than is initially obvious. Yes, the 10 tracks here are anchored to a mantle of trudging, sludgy riffing, but not at the expense of excursions into other territories: the sinister buzz of black metal or, most profoundly in the case of the title track, melancholy folk-psych melodies. Showing enough musical nous to lift them far above the oversaturated market of down-tuned doommongers, Ramesses have created a hugely impressive second album that demands considered listening. 4/5 - The Guardian

"Take the Curse Review"

"all the tracks on offer possess an uncanny ability to seep into memory and the result is one of the most diverse and crippling doom albums of recent times. IF there is any justice, Ramesses will get the recognition that they deserve for this and all the infamy that goes along with it." - Rock-A-Rolla

"Take the Curse Review"

"This second album from the Dorset trio sounds like the apocalypse - and with creepy artwork from the Chapman brothers, looks like it too. It's hellishly loud and laden with sludgy riffs, coruscating vocals and horror B movie samples - exactly what you;d expect from these ex-Electric Wizard magicians. 4/5" - Bizarre Magazine

"Take the Curse Review"

"Ramesses remain atmospherically unique as their black mantras pile on extra layers of distorted, mutant ear-blubber, sucking all light from the room and pumping every reachable skull with thoughts of dead-eyed despair and sweet, welcome death. Splendid fun, as it turns out. 8/10" - Metal Hammer UK

"Take the Curse Review"

"Good on Ramesses for fashioning a distinctly British atmosphere of cinematic psych-gloom, the sort of horror that John Wyndham was on about when he sculptured an apocalyptic yarn from mutant daffodils. 8/10" - Terrorizer

"Take the Curse Feature"

Take the Curse CD featured alongside Andy Warhol and Storefront for Art and Architecture - Art Review

"Take the Curse Review"

"The misanthropy and vocal harshness of black metal cuts through the haze of hallucinogenic doom, splicing the heaviness of Sleep with Darkthrone's evil edge resulting in a thoroughly creepy atmosphere throughout. KKK" - Kerrang!

"Take the Curse Review"

"Ramesses don't piss about when it comes to delivering weighty slabs of pure, malignant doom. Their sencond full-length, 'Take the Curse' is as dark and claustrophobic as they come, bursting at the seams with massive sludge riffs and enjoyably camp soundbites from 70s horror flicks.' 8/10 - Rock Sound UK

"Take the Curse Review"

"Quake with mortal dread, you puny mortal fuck. Ramesses crush the jugular with this, their second full-length studio album: a potent fifty-four minute ten-track pleasure cruise through some of the most seductive 'scimitar and fangs' doom-filth that you will hear all year. Top marks to this combustive home-grown power trio for sealing their sound with an originality found nowhere else." - The Sleeping Shaman

"Ramesses interview"

with a Fist in the Face of God - VICE UK

"Ramesses Feature"

in the BUZZ section - NME

"Ramesses Interview"

July issue - Terrorizer

"Ramesses Interview with Stool Pigeon 1"

page 1/2 - The Stool Pigeon

"Ramesses Interview with Stool Pigeon 2"

page 2/2 - The Stool Pigeon

"Ramesses Interview with Metal Hammer 1"

page 1/2 - Metal Hammer UK

"Ramesses Interview Metal Hammer 2"

page 2/2 - Metal Hammer UK

"Ramesses Interview"

rare interview with all band members! - The Sleeping Shaman

"Ramesses Interview"

with Adam Richardson. - The Obelisk

"Ramesses Interview"

NY/NJ/PA weekly - The Aquarian Weekly

"Ramesses on BBC Radio 1 Rock Show"

featuring the track 'Take the Curse' - BBC Radio 1

"Ramesses on BBC Radio 1 Rock Show"

featuring the track Khali Mist - BBC Radio 1

"Ramesses is Fenriz's Band of the Week"

Respect!! - Gylve Nagell aka Fenriz

"Take the Curse Review"

5/5 - top marks! - Brutalism

"Take the Curse - Roadburn album of the day!"

lovingly pinched from The Obelisk. - Roadburn

"Ramesses in NME Mixtape Vol 3!!"

featuring the track Khali Mist - NME

"Take the Curse Review"

6/6 - top marks! - Thrash Hits

"Ramesses Interview"

interview with Adam Richardson in Sentimiento de Culpa Catolica issue. - VICE España

"Ramesses Interview"

art talk with Adam Richardson. - The Quietus

"Take the Curse Review"

Maybe it's down to the fact that Ramesses are two thirds of the old Electric Wizard line up, but there's something about the noises they make that just makes you want to grow a beard, cover your face with your hair and lift your claw sky-wards groaning: "UUUUUURRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHAAAAAA!!!" Oh, wait, I know what it is, it's down to the sheer weight of their often seemingly free-form, skull crushing doom/sludge; so heavy is Take The Curse in parts that you can almost feel your soul being squeezed out through your eyes. The superb cover art – courtesy of Jake and Dinos Chapman – might have something to do with it too. - The Quietus

"13 Questions with Adam Richardson"

2009 feature - Metal Hammer UK

"Misanthropic Alchemy Review"

4/5 - Kerrang!

"Misanthropic Alchemy Review"

7/10 - Metal Hammer UK

"Misanthropic Alchemy Review"

8/10 - Terrorizer

"Ramesses / UT Split Review"

2009 - The Sleeping Shaman

"Baptism of the Walking Dead Review"

2009 - The Sleeping Shaman


Former Electric Wizard members rise again. After influential doom-mongers Electric Wizard dissolved in acrimony, it seemed unlikely that the exiled rhythm section of Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening would rival mainman Jus Oborne's new line up. But while last year's regrouped Wizard album 'We Live' lacked the edge-of-collapse dynamic of yore, the black sheep have returned as Ramesses with a satisfyingly bloody-minded debut. Like their old band, this is still music to soundtrack mushroom-addled rituals in a Dorset woodland, but when 'Black Domina; proves simultaneously accessible and eerie, it's clear that these guys are no longer in anyone else's shadow. Just those of their own making... KKKK - Kerrang / Olly Thomas


The History of rock'n'roll isn't exactly littered with groups who went on to greater things after going their separate ways. Former tightly-knit creative cores break down into their constituents parts, first impulses are to consolidate rather than expand, and so it seemed to be the case with Electric Wizard. Jus Oborne may have kept the name and template, but with 'We Live' it proved to be a diminishing one, shorn of the dark digressions into the void. Meanwhile, Ramesses - featuring original Wizard bassist, Tim Bagshaw, now on guitar, and drummer Mark Greening - proved to be a satisfying proposition live, in a more concentrated, rock-out fashion, but you could sense that they'd turned their back on their former, visionary excesses.

On the evidence of 'We Will Lead You to Glorious Times', however, Ramesses' narrowing of focus isn't a failure of imagination so much as a sign of newfound purpose, and the four tracks contained herein sees them claiming territory of their own, by means of whacked out brutal force. No longer just marinating in their own bad vibes, they've now directed them outwards to project a lumbering, malignant stomp, one that grows ever more claustrophobic, like the grip of a boa constrictor gradually tightening its prey. Aided by a spare, acrid Billy Anderson production, Ramesses' mode of attack is to fixate themselves on a single, clogged riff throughout the course of a track and then use it a stick to beat you with, until your brain starts to develop kaleidoscopic welts. Even their more languid moments, the spindly, drifting blossoms of guitar leading into the opener 'Witchampton', the Capricorns-esque warmth of 'Black Domina's' intro, only exist as last residues of light to be extinguished once vocalist Adam Richardson's black tar gargle has laid into them, coming on like a diabolical seer. 'Ramesses II's' clattering percussion brings to mind early Swans in its blinkered bleakness, and yet its snaking, filth-encrusted riff weaves back into itself until it threatens to break out of its confines into a full on psychedelic trip.

'...Glorious Times' isn't doom rock as a gateway to the infinite, its a malice-laden tightening of the screw. 7.5 / 10 - Terrorizer / Jonathan Selzer


Gods and Goddesses...this is SO heavy! The ex-Electric Wizard duo of guitarist Tim Bagshaw (previously bass guitar with E.W.) and drummer Mark Greening are about to prove once and for all that the Wizard was not just Jus Oborn & co., nossir! The doom crown is now firmly up for grabs, and Ramesses are making a determined and ferocious play for it. Joined now by Adam Richardson, whose vocals are pure earthshaking death metal in delivery, the unholy triumvirate are as acid-soaked as doomed, and the resultant CDEP is brutally unrelenting, yet curiously hypnotic too...a curious and unnerving combination, yet hugely effective. To describe this album simply as 'doom' is to do it a huge disservice; it's a diseased, leprous,l decaying, festering slime of rotting putrid malevolence...it's a soundtrack to a vision of Hell in necro-colours! The six song disc was decrepitly produced by Billy Anderson (who else?), and is as attractive to casual listeners as a pus-filled open sore. On first listen I genuinely found myself disturbed by the dark depravity of it's bitter and twisted soul, and I fell madly in love...as I still am! 4/6 - Zero Tolerance / Simon Gausden


Two parts Electric Wizard and that full on prog rock drumming of Mark Anthony Greening - a six tracker recorded almost live in the Fortress (London) with legendary dope-hound (so it says here on this press release) Billy Anderson - out on Californian label Devil Doll. It's a dark wooly brooding beast laced with giant slabs of free-form jazz flavored doom rock. Its like getting stuck in the very best treacle and those guitar strings sound like they're each an inch thick - this is heeeeavy heavy psychotic doom stew, and it really really is a churning strew - sounds like some long lost relic from 1972, a treasure. Some of us are more doomed than others, this is bleakest acid deceit. Six totally doomed out bowls of thick thick psychotic psychedelic stoner stew. - Organ Magazine


Oh Monsieurs, with 'zis unholy skull-crushing dirge you are really spoiling us! Hot on the heels of February's 'We Will Lead You to Glorious Times' comes the latest EP from Ramesses, the band formed by Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening after leaving Electric Wizard in 03. Sticking primarily to what they know best, 'The Tomb' brings together fours slabs of vicious bone-rattling doom, all lovingly committed to tape by dread-headed master of sludge, Billy Anderson. A tangible air of suffocating claustrophobia permeates throughout its half-hour duration, something that is further enhanced by Adam Richardson's truly gruesome death metal growls. And while a decent but ill-fitting 70's style jam spoils the mood towards the end, it fails to overshadow the fact that Ramesses are currently one of the most important bands in UK metal. Now hurry up with that full-length already... 8/10 - Rock Sound UK / Mike Kemp


With former members of Electric Wizard involved, Ramesses were always going to be monstrously heavy, so it'll come as no surprise when 'The Tomb' causes your bowel to collapse and your eardrums to pop like cheap balloons. This is bleak, sludgy doom at its most hostile; a drawn-out, torturous swamp of lobotomised Sabbath riffs and tonsil grating howls. You could really ruin a good party with this. - Kerrang / Anthems Section


Formed after bassist (now guitarist) Tim Bagshaw and drummer Mark Greening split from Electric Wizard, Ramesses carry on the pure tradition of English doom horror. Although there are only four tracks on this MCD, they are songs that you can get totally lost in; 'Omniversal Horror' is a particularly nasty place to be. 7/10 - Classic Rock / Tommy Udo


With Electric wizard having opted to plough a somewhat more straightforward furrow with 'We Live', it's been left to spin-off combo Ramesses to carry on mining the cosmic filth which Wizard once called their own. Ramesses specialise in taking one central riff and pounding it into dust before blasting the debris into oblivion, as evidenced by the trance-like seven-minute title track and 'Cult of Cyclops'. 'Unholy Outburst #3' is a ten-minute jam which touches upon more traditional stoner territory where an effects-laden Hawkwind freakout morphs into a rhythmic tribal invocation, which in turn disintegrates into fuzz-soaked cacophony before returning to the ether. 8/10 - Terrorizer / Damien

"LIVE REVIEW: September 2005 @ London Underworld"

'Tonight is a sort of neat snapshot of where we are at with doom metal in the 21st century. Formed by Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening after the split in Electric Wizard a couple of years ago, Ramesses play the sort of Sabbathian heavy as lead doom as their previous band, albeit fully aware that it is not, in fact, 1971 anymore.' 7/10 - Metal Hammer / Tommy Udo

"LIVE REVIEW: August 2005 @ Manchester Satans Hollow"

'...Ramesses are a trio based around bile, fetid despair and general blackness of existence but surprisingly they put smiles on punter's faces, even if the mid-paced sludge threatens to flatten the club. People in the know expect nothing less, given this group features two ex members of Electric Wizard. True doom rarely hits Manchester, yet in an ironic twist, the heaviest band to grace its shitty streets have only travelled up from Dorset.' - Metal Hammer / Paul Stenning



MAY 16 2011 - 'Chrome Pineal' 12 inch LP / DL, Ritual Productions

JUNE 21 2011 - 'Possessed by the Rise of Magic' CD / DL, Ritual Productions


'Possessed by the Rise of Magic' DLP, Ritual Productions

'Take the Curse' DLP, Ritual Productions

'Misanthropic Alchemy' , Ritual Productions

'Ramesses Live' DVD, Ritual Productions

BACK CATALOGUE & Latest Releases

July 2010

'Take the Curse' 12 inch DLP, At War With False Noise

'Baptism of the Walking Dead' 12 inch LP, Hydrophonic Records (Ltd. Edition 500 copies)

April 2010
'Take the Curse' CD, Ritual Productions

March 2009
'Baptism of the Walking Dead' 3 inch Mini CD, Self Release (Ltd 400 copies)

March 2009
'Ramesses / Unearthly Trance' Split 10 inch, Future Noise Recordings (Ltd 500 copies)

March 2009
'Misanthropic Alchemy' 12 inch DLP, Mantricum Records (Ltd 525 copies)

June 2007
'Misanthropic Alchemy' CD, FETO Records

February 2007
'For The Sick - A Tribute to Eyehategod' 2CD, Emetic Records

August 2005
'The Tomb' CD / 12 inch picture disc (Ltd 666 copies), Invada Records

January 2005
'We Will Lead you to Glorious Times' CD, This Dark Reign Records

March 2004
'Ramesses' 7 inch picture disc, Shifty Records (Ltd. 500 copies)

February 2004
'Ramesses' 7 inch gatefold, Psychedoomelic Records (Ltd 1000 copies)

December 2003
'Split' with Negative Reaction, Psychedoomelic Records (Ltd 2000 copies)

December 2003
'Dreams of What Life Could Have Been' Psychedoomelic Records compilation CD featuring 'Black Domina' (Ltd 2000 copies)



Bristling with malevolence, Ramesses’ crushing grooves induce a hypnotick lethargy: weighed down, beleaguered and enveloped by doom. While the percussion/guitar/bass/vokills set to work on your viscera, your head is forcibly plunged down the rabbit hole and drenched in heavy psychedelia.

Spawned in the bleak woodland of Dorset, England, this three-piece has been disfiguring the innards of its army of devoted listeners since 2003 when original Electric Wizard drummer Mark Greening and guitarist Tim Bagshaw hooked up with Adam Richardson (bass + vox), formerly of Lord of Putrefaction, Spirmyard, and Hexed. In the intervening years, Ramesses have ripped an incurable wound in the metal scene.

August 2003: within 24 hours of being holed up at London's Fortress Studios, the band had recorded 4 tracks. Limited demo versions of ‘Ramesses II’ and ‘Master Your Demons’ were pressed on CD and vinyl in Europe and the USA. Promo videos were also produced, with the short for ‘Ramesses II’ getting multiple airplays on MTV Brasil and featuring in the Doomed Nation DVD magazine.

Legendary producer Billy Anderson re-mixed all four tracks for Ramesses’ acclaimed debut EP ‘We Will Lead You to Glorious Times’, released on This Dark Reign Records in January 2005. On the back of this, the band toured, casting a shadow across the UK and Europe and so mustering a legion of dedicated fans through their thunderous stage presence. The severity of their savagery was well documented as they received rave reviews in the major metal press as well as features in Metal Maniacs and Terrorizer. Since their inception, Ramesses have been play-listed on radio stations in over 30 countries including BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, Total Rock, KNAC and Resonance FM.

Halloween 2004: the band entered State of Art studios in Bristol and teamed up with Billy Anderson again to lay down ‘The Tomb’ EP, which was released in August 2005 on Geoff Barrow’s (of Portishead) label Invada.

In 2006, following an appearance with Julian Cope (Lord Yatesbury) in Bournemouth, the Ramesses behemoth lumbered around the UK to complete a critically acclaimed headline tour with support from Sourvein, leaving a trail of hollow cadavers in their wake. Kerrang Magazine gave the Nottingham show a ‘KKKK’ rating, saying: "Ramesses is more of a drawn-out, fucked-up trio than a bar fight, although that doesn't stop Mark Greening pounding his skins so hard he has to be taken out of the PA and bassist Adam Richardson has to move onto the floor to get away from his rhythmic thunder. And even then, his battery is still louder than the rest of their primeval, psychedelic sludge. Given how formless and plodding such fare can sound, it's awesome how exhilarating Ramesses make it, even when they're going slower than a pensioner in a Skoda, dragging the listener through black, musical hell. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant, when it's this powerful, you'll feel something, be it complete revulsion or macabre joy." (by Nick Ruskell) Metal Hammer (UK) magazine said of the last gig of the tour, the sold-out London show: "You can now safely drop the 'ex-Electric Wizard’ description as they have established their own identity as a great British post-doom band. The reverberations are still rumbling in our skulls long after they have left the stage. It's a night to be pissed or wrecked or otherwise out of it: and even if you are the only person in the place sipping Diet Coke, you leave staggering under the influence of a potent contact high, vaguely aware that you've just seen one of the gigs of the year." (Tommy Udo, 7/10)

In 2007, Ramesses were honoured to represent the UK by covering Eyehategod's 'Lack of Almost Everything', for a tribute CD release on Emetic Records.

Their debut album 'Misanthropic Alchemy', recorded with Billy Anderson at the mixing desk, dropped later in the year in Europe via FETO Records, a UK label owned by Mick Kenney (Mistress/Anaal Nathrakh/Exploder) and Shane Embury (Napalm Death/Lock Up/Brujeria). A limited edition double DLP of the was released in March 2009 on Spanish label Mantricum Records. Reviews for 'Misanthropic Alchemy': "We dream of Electric Wizard! We miss the original line-up each day and bless the day that the older albums just saw a new vinyl release. Ramesses will always be the band that has two thirds of Electric Wizard in them. That omen is branded in their foreheads and is still fuming. Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening are the strongest set of rhythm in heavy doom circles. With monster guitarist Adam Richardson, Ramesses have now entered a pathway so strangely, yet beautiful with their debut 'Misanthropic Alchemy' that they do not need their back-catalogue anymore nor any comparison with one of the other Doom Gods of glorious past. They stand firm on their own feet. 'Misanthropic Alchemy' is a stunning release and I cannot help myself smiling of joy that this is still possible: to surprise me in this genre. Ramesses plays like they