Rami Feinstein

Rami Feinstein

 Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISR

Hailed by Israel's premiere music blogger as "a unique performer" and by Cultural Hero Website as "one of the most authentic voices in new Israeli music”. Rami is "a widely popular Israeli artist who has garnered a devoted fanbase throughout Israel." (MAKO media portal) Rami has been entertaining audiences in Israel and the US with his multifaceted music and his touching, perceptive and satirical lyrics for over 8 years.


Rami is a singer songwriter, with music and lyrics blending a "folk-rock-funky" quality with touches of bluegrass and gospel. His work reflects a unique Israeli character, and is also influenced by American artists like Dave Matthews, Paul Simon, John Mayer and Jason Mraz.
Rami wrote his first song when he was 8 and began composing music at 17. His debut album "A Matter of Time" was released in 2008 and recently, in June 2012, he released his second album "Someone's Got To Stay Here". Rami wrote all the music and lyrics on both albums and served as Musical Co-producer on his second album. Cultural Hero Website remarked: "You MUST buy Rami Feinstein's new album and not only because its superb. Its diverse, refreshing and surprising."
Rami wouldn't let anything stand between himself and his dreams. In order to raise money for his first album, Rami worked as a Holiday Cart salesperson in the malls in the U.S. He wrote a song about this experience, called "Something Amazing," which became an internet hit and was written about in The Wall Street Journal. His latest music video for the single, "A Damn Good Day" was released in partnership with MTV-Award winning Interlude interactive technology and can be viewed at www.ramifeinstein.com
He has been performing with his band in Israel and the US for the last 8 years. Fishtank Website remarked about his performance: "I found Rami Feinstein to be bold and fearless onstage... genuine happiness was sparked in the audience."
Yuval Harel, a premiere Israeli music blogger chimes in, " Rami's songs are full of insight, wisdom, optimism, observation and life lessons.... he radiates light and positive intensity."
Rami Feinstein "is has singer-songwriter in his blood" (Yossi Music Website). He writes music that people can relate to and loves connecting with his audiences. He looks forward to touring Israel and the US with his newly published songs in both Hebrew and English.


1. A matter of Time - 2007
2. Someone's Got To Stay Here - 2012