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Port Arthur, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Port Arthur, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo R&B Neo Soul




"Original Remy"

Going by the stage name of OriginalRemy, 17-year old musician Ramir Parker grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, currently residing in Port Arthur, Texas. Having recorded covers from the age of 14, Ramir’s solo musical journey began after auditioning on American Idol in September of 2018. “The experience showed me a side of music I had never seen before. “Auditions proved difficult, but being turned away motivated me to solidify myself as an independent artist, says Remy. “After my audition, I started doing shows, performing at a college in Virginia, and a mall in Henrico. I used those shows as a stepping stone to build my fan base.”

After a year of performing, Ramir began working on his first single, “Coffee In Paris.” Growing up in a single-parent household, Remy explains it was “difficult to truly know what love between a couple looked like.” When writing this song, Remy did his best to use a mix of imagination and imagery to encompass his idea of love. “Coffee in Paris” is his first official release in a series of six songs to be put out throughout the year. “This song is a soft love song that talks about the setbacks of having a distant crush,” says Remy. “I wrote this song to try and bring more of a bittersweet twist to the typical pop love song.” - Pulse Magazine

"OriginalRemy: ‘men don’t cry.’"

R&B singer OriginalRemy showcases his heartfelt vocal impeccably on his latest single ‘men don’t cry.’

Produced by Matt Miller (Kendrick Lamar, Ashanti, Tyrese, Rick Ross), the young artist shows the potential for future domination. His nectarous vocal performance combined with an instrumental that lets his voice breathe through its melodies is the shining light here.

There is a subtle melancholy that laments in the background here and a maturity that ultimately prevails. It will be fascinating to see where he is in the next 5 years based on this performance alone. - Podcart

"OriginalRemy Writes Song to Bring Awareness to Mental Health, “men don’t cry”"

The Alchemist

After working with platinum producer Matt Miller, who has produced for Kendrick Lamar, Ashanti, Tyrese, Rick Ross, and more. Getting press on previous releases from, The Farmville Herald, Pulse Music Magazine, and The MusicMakesMe blog. The table is set for his new release “Smile For Me” on October 30th 2020.

His name is OriginalRemy but this is more than his stage name. He states, “OriginalRemy is not a name for an artist. This is my brand, my dream, and my life.” OriginalRemy is an independent R&B and Pop artist based outside of Houston, Texas. He has performed at Longwood University, Short Pump Town Center, and scheduled to perform at The Apollo Theatre

OriginalRemy prides himself on his performance capabilities stating, “As an R&B singer we are not known as the most entertaining performers. I want to change the narrative, no matter the venue.”

His newest track is called, “men don’t cry” and it features some very amazing lyricism that speaks to the importance of mental health. The production is very relaxing, as it combines some beautiful guitar chords with a smooth bass line and drum beat. Check out the track below. - Alchemical Records

"OriginalRemy Shares New Single ‘men don’t cry.’"

Houston-based R&B and Pop artist OriginalRemy has just shared his brand new single men don't cry, a smooth piece of music that tackles the issues of men's mental health.
I find very sad that today there are still people that judge and pressure other men with the stigma of a real man who doesn't cry and has to be strong. These old stereotypes can be quite damaging and a man can end up feeling depressed for not living up to such expectations.

men don't cry is a song about fighting against depression and against the stereotypes that create unnecessary pressure to men's mental health. It's a song about how OriginalRemy doesn’t want to do the things a “man” does. This powerful message is wrapped around a captivating R&B production on which he also showcases his lovely vocals. I am also enjoying the laid-back atmosphere and I think you guys will enjoy it too! - Caesar Live N Loud

"OriginalRemy- ‘men don’t cry.’"

OriginalRemy’s ‘men don’t cry.’ is a must hear. The soulful R&B track was written to bring awareness to men’s mental health. Something that’s not given enough attention, but OriginalRemy is making us pay attention with this fantastic track. - Music Is My Life co


Still working on that hot first release.



Ramir describes his music as having "Unique concepts in a familiar sound." The light sweet tones he brings to the R&B world is perfect for the romantic storytelling he captures in his music. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Ramir Perfected his writing and sound while working with platinum producer, Matt Miller in Richmond, Virginia. Being a versatile writer and singer has helped him build a diverse fan base he calls family.

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