Hard hitting, fast paced rock-n-roll with a pinch of power pop, very little vocals, but soon to rock your socks off!


We currently annoy your parents and grandparents, but teenage girls just love our swagger. And the guys either hate us or like us for turning their girls on. Our influences come from a variety of 70's, 80's and 90's bands. We grew up listening. Very important. Bands like Van Halen and Motley Crue to Jane's Addiction and Rage Against the Machine. Other bands think of us as complex yet easily readable, our style is considered "Slosh Rock". Mix it up throw it in a bowl, break it off.



Written By: Robert Leckington

Trapped in a sea of despair
I've got the man on my back
Thinking that I really don't care
I've got to make or break
And I'm feeling really numb

Anyone out there to help me
Help me out of this place

I'm feeling numb

There's a place I really wanna be
Where people take good care of me

I'm feeling numb

Warm 40

Written By: Nick M

Sh*t Faced

Pound another 40 and you'll be on your way
Another after that and the porcelain god you'll pray
Drink Coors Light and you'll be ok
Shotgun St. Ides and you'll puke your guts away

Sh*t Faced

Where's the Olde English that I've been after
Pass it down quick, now obey your master
You stupid broad, you left floaties in my beer
Why don't ya go to the doctor for another pat smear

Sh*t Faced

Last quarter inch is a real bitch
Pound another skavey and I'm gonna be sick

Warm 40, Warm 40 calling your name
Got to have it now, nothing more to say
90 cents Bohemian is hard to beat
5 of those fuckers will knock you off your feet

Sh*t Faced


You can listen to our single, "Numb" at our site, we have various streams of the full length song floating around online at various sites.

Set List

We have over an hours worth of original material. We are a excellent warm-up band for any tour.