Ramona Cordova

Ramona Cordova


The Boy Who Floated Freely is an 11 track musical amusement park- filled to the brim with snare, saw, toms, tamborine, organ, chime, accordion, birds, recorder, choir, crickets, cicadas, spanish lyrics, loud gypsies, synth, xylophone, whistling, clapping and vibra slapping.


Once upon a time there was a boy named Ramón. When Ramón was very young his father would sing him to sleep with the aid of an old acoustic guitar. When Ramón couldn't sleep his grandmother would give him a glass of warm milk and whisper soft spanish lulluby's in his ear. In the morning's when Ramón would want to sit and watch cartoons, his mother would sometimes suggest instead a musical like the sound of music, singing in the rain, an american in paris, or oliver twist, and Ramón would fall asleep. Sometimes they would watch cartoons like pinnochio or snow white, but he would still fall asleep. Ramón seemed to fall asleep whenever he listened to music. This, my dear little friend, was not because Ramón was bored by music. Ramón loved music. It was in his bones. It cried from his mouth and beat in his heart. See, Ramón fell asleep whenever he listened to music because he loved to dream too. He would dream of the songs that filled his head, and dream of the sights that paired with them. He would dream of far off places, and painted landscapes, and fun adventures, but music would always be there, in the background, off in the distance, creating the feelings that made life beautiful to him.

As Ramón got older he learned how to make his own music. he began to travel, and his dreams came true. now he was helping create that feeling off in the background. that feeling that makes life beautiful to him.

Ramón Vicente Alarcón was born on February 17, 1984 in Kingman, AZ. As a gift, he received a little handmade guitar from mexico when he was an infant. At the age of 9 he began to learn how to play songs, and at the age of 11 he began writing his own. After playing in several bands, Ramón started working on a project where he would tell a story. This project he named after his grandmother, Ramona Córdova, and the story he named "the boy who floated freely".

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The Boy Who Floated Freely - full length CD

Track Listing:

01 introduction
02 into the gypsy bar
03 giver's reply
04 mixing potion
05 heavy on my head
06 brother
07 sung with the birds
08 one day, someday
09 hot and heavy harmony
10 chesser
11 take flight

Ramona Córdova and "The Boy Who Floated Freely" tells a story about a boy named Giver who washes ashore on an island. When Giver regains consciousness, he starts to hear music coming from a nearby village. He immediately runs after the sound with the little energy left in his body, hoping to find people. As the music grows louder and closer he realizes that it is coming from inside a small bar within the village. Upon entering the bar, Giver is welcomed with a song played for him by a band of Gypsies. They welcome Giver, and offer him a place to stay for the night so that he may regain strength. Giver is led to his room by a very pretty young girl named Marcía who has been ordered to offer Giver a small dose of potion to help him better sleep. He accepts, only, the young girl adds a potion that makes Giver fall in love with her as well.

When Giver falls asleep, he dreams of his brother and of other things that are heavy on his mind. When he awakes though- he feels light at heart, and he and Marcía sing a song together. Giver begins to realize he's in love, but does not feel he is old enough or wise enough to be suitable for Marcía. Although the love is there, by the time Giver truly allows himself to be fully taken over by his feelings, Marcía's love has grown dull. Giver is then left alone again, light and free as a paper airplane flying high