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Home is Where

Written By: Ramona Silver

Wait a minute, let’s go back to the beginning
To the place where we were talking ‘bout our love
And all the things that you and I are made of
Now we’re in it, and I know that you are busy
Does it have to take a message from above
For us to take a walk back where we came from?

What about this house we’re building
Wet with sweat and tears
It keeps on hanging over me
Working late at night, no sleeping
Barely stop to breathe
We’ve got only pennies here, but big dreams

There’s a window, and your kids are climbing through it
And you gotta help them do it best you can
It’s done with all the wisdom that we can muster
There’s the future, it’s coming fast inside their faces
Growing tall and going places like new men
Remember when this all began?

What about this earth we’re leaving, sooner every year
It’s turning right in front of me
Remember how you love the scenery from a Vermont chair
We’ve got only minutes here, tender years
Remember dear, be counting every scene

Home, home is where the heart is
And oh, they never should be parted
Come home, come home

Tricky World

Written By: Ramona Silver

It’s a tricky world you live in
It’s your God-given right to give in and go on and grow
I can tell that you’re hard of hearing
All the things that your heart’s been feeling so long
Don’t it show

Tell me, in the winter will we be alright
As snow falls down and covers up our only light to drive at night?

There are mountains worth the climbing
Then there’s times you best see lying down on the ground
So the road may be long and nameless
Sew a seam of a thousand faces and sounds all around

I tell you in the winter we will be alright
As snow falls down and covers us
We’ll slow the drive and greet the night
As stars go hide and everything turns to white

Hand me over the wheel, it will be alright
Climb in back and steal dreams of sweet daylight

If I Sing

Written By: Ramona Silver

If I sing will you come out
Come out from your hiding place
And show your face and everything you are
Will you stand and deliver
Everything you’re given by grace
And not erase your bright and shining star?

I know it’s cold, you feel alone
But love is all around you (oh I feel it)
Don’t give up now, time will show how the sun is gonna shine through you

There’s a face in the mirror coming ever clearer
Do you see it, too?
It’s staring right at you
And each step that you take
Well it could be a mistake
But time will surely show
No matter how it breaks or what you blow inaction is a waste

Oh my heavens I’m in luck
Because you haven’t given me up for all I’ve done
Now’s the time to step on up
Cause I could stay stuck under this rock or greet the sun


Intermission, 2005
Death by Candy, 2001
Ultrasound, 1998
Trailers, 1996
You & Me & Hell, 1995

Set List

45-60 min set, all originals