Ramon Orlando

Ramon Orlando



Ramon Orlando, long admired and considered one of Dominican Republic's most prolific and talented arrangers, as well as composer, pianist, and bandleader has had a great musical career spanning 3 decades.

He started his musical studies in 1975, at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música, where he graduated as Maestre de Piano. At age 14 he started playing with his legendary father Cuco Valoy and his band La Tribu. He was this group's pianist, arranger, singer and composer until 1984.

In early 1986 he formed la Orquesta Internacional, which received many awards and recognitions like El Gordo del Año, El Dorado and the Casandra. In 1991, his concert tour "No hay nadie más" was attended by more than 15 thousand people on average.

In 1992, Ramón Orlando was awarded with the most statuettes of the premios Casandra, seven in total, among them el Soberano, the top award of that competition. Ramón Orlando y la Orquesta Internacional represented the Dominican Republic in the Carribean Music Festival held in Belgium.

The municipality of the Distrito Nacional de Santo Domingo presented Ramón Orlando a parchment in wich he was declared Prominent Inhabitant, for his successes achieved throughout his musical carreer and for his contributions made for merengue by means of his creations.

In 1995 he formed the band Los Cantantes, with whom he recorded a song that became a superhit in sales numbers, national and international, it was titeled "El venao". With this song Ramón Orlando ocupied the number one position in the American and European charts.

In 1997 Ramón Orlando made his debut as a concert pianist with the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional of the Dominican Republic. At this appearance he showed to the public of Santo Domingo a facet of his abilitys that had always been kind of hidden till that day. The interpretation of Rapsodia en blue, of Gershwin, made by el maestro Valoy conducted by José Antonio Molina, was of an extrodinary pianist, of a musician very well prepared, proprietor of a very refined piano technique.