Ramon Sanchez

Ramon Sanchez

 Los Angeles, California, USA

I've written rock, blues, and folks songs for piano and guitar.

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Sunny Fields

Written By: Ramon Sanchez

I remember when I was small, and the world was full of laughter,
And it filled the air.
It was everywhere.

Playing fetch with a shaggy dog was my happ'ly ever after.
What a time to play.
We could run all day.

I can't remember how long it's been since I was feeling free,
Free as specks of sunlight on the sea.
Maybe something I left behind is coming back to me,
Something like a time that used to be,

Those days in Sunny Fields when I would rest against a hill
Watching grass grow tall in summer's light.
Those days in Sunny Fields when it was easy to be still
And I felt like everything was right.
Maybe someday I'll find a way to spend
Some days in Sunny Fields.

It seems I've walked in darkness for so long,
Looking for the light.
Running from a nightmare, I lost my way.
I feel like I am waking from a dream,
Like an endless night.
All I want to do is see the day.

What's the use of our staying here when the morning light is waiting
To rise up so bright and clear, with darkness quickly fading?
You don't have to join me,
But maybe you could use some time away yourself.

Someday in Sunny Fields we might just take a little walk
Watching tree leave glow in summer's light.
Someday in Sunny Fields we might just talk a little talk,
'Til the sunset brings the quiet night.
You'll be glad that you took some time to spend
Some days in Sunny Fields.