Combing influences of hard rock, grunge, metal, punk, and progressive rock, Rampant creates a sound that is truely unique. We are like nothing you've heard before!


Rampant is a 3 member all oringinal alternative/rock band hailing from North/Central New Jersey. They're right at home whether they're playing at local bars or large clubs. Rampant is electrically charged and in your face with an edgy and refreshingly different sound. Every song spotlights the myriad of influences all 4 members provide.


Self Title and Self Produce 8 song EP which is available at all of our shows as well as on i Tunes.

Set List

We do a few different types of set list depending on the lenth the club/promoter wants us to play. Are 30 minute set list is usually made up of 6-7 songs all oringianls. Our 45 minute set list is usually made up of at least 8 orningal songs. Any thing longer would be 10 oringinal songs plus 1 or 2 covers depending on the length of the set.