Ramses Alexandre

Ramses Alexandre


Urban Electronic Soul Singer/Dancer With Style


Picking up where artists like Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury left off, Ramses Alexandre's debut EP, "Body English" is a perfect mix of pop, electronic and classic soul. As a humanitarian and a member of the LGBT community his struggle for social justice and human rights have influenced an honesty in his sound and a raw uninhibited approach to his street jazz choreographed performances.


Don't Wanna Be Right

Written By: Ramses Alexandre, Kristin Kovach

Is it love? Or just a nut?
I don't know, it might be both
I like your, I love your, I need your, I want your...
Is it this? Or is it that?
You want it slow? Or should I take it fast?
Is that too much? Is that enough?
It's getting tough, I like it rough.

If loving you is wrong I don't wanna be right
Even if it's just for one night

I remember the first time in tasted you, so good
And the flavour hasn't left my lips stuck inn my teeth like food
I'll never forget that night, I'll never forget you
Because it felt so right cause you were so damn cool
And I managed to find a way to keep you coming
When I was so afraid and virtually running
But then you eased my mind and pleased my body
Must've did it six damn times and now I'm empty

Cold sweat, bodies shaking
Intense, back-breaking
Kiss, head, love-making
Over seven Richter scale
Like crazy Haiti earthquake
Call a nurse cause I'm paining
For you to start, I love your heart
I love your charts, I want your arts
They match with mine
If we can keep it secret we can be fine

If loving you is wrong I don't wanna be right
Even if its just for one night...


"Body English" EP - 2012
"Don't Wanna Be Right" Single - 2013

Set List

"Don't Wanna Be Right"
"Gotta Get Control"
"Can't Make Babies"
"One Thing Or Another"