The Dark Troubadour has spoken ...and The Muse is the thing.


A teenager from Ohio discovers a door marked, “U2 Achtung Baby.” Entering with his Pink Floyd Beatle gun drawn he suddenly free falls through a deep, dark portal landing in the dim and pale glow of a mysterious post glam world. Brooding , but well dressed Bela Lagosi like creatures inhabit the land with names like David Bowie and Bryan Ferry. Casting a spell over all is the impish wizard king, Brian Eno. Ahh. Home at last.

Dark troubadour Ramsey emerged bearing the marks of his post-glam journey, drawing from the same well as similarly inducted artists like Blur and Peter Murphy. With his Brian Lovely produced debut CD, “Heaven’s Dark Corners,” Ramsey’s unique concoction is at once bitter and sweet, mysterious and unveiled.


Heaven's Dark Corners - September 14th, 2007.
Cincinnati Rocker's For Life compilation CD - to be released in 2007

Set List

Typical sets are 45 minutes to an hour with 3 hours worth of material.

I Can't Get Enough of You Baby
Shapeless Lover
Sweet Virgin Mistress
I Can See
You Won't Dance With Me
Wrecking Ball
Hang On (The Sun is on the Rise)
The Candle is Burning Out
Next To You
The Sun is on the Rise (Part 2)
One Rose To Give
Longer Still In Wanting
Dangling Over You
The One I Left Behind
Tripping Over Corpses
Love Without Distraction
Heart In A Jar
To You
The Perfect Artifice

Covers (Not All Listed - These are the covers we play most frequently):
Wicked Game - Chris Isaak
High and Dry - Radiohead
Wonderful - Adam Ant
Running To Stand Still - U2
Helter Skelter - the Beatles
Come Around - Rhett Miller
Flake - Jack Johnson
Honey Don't Think - Grant Lee Buffalo