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Ramz the Dawn MC

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Ramz the Dawn MC is a revolutionary hip hop artist with innovative skills that will take Christian rap into the mainstream. His unique style sets him apart from other artist and his sound is contagious. If a fresh sound is what you're looking for, look no further because Ramz the Dawn MC is IT!


Over the years, Ramsey Tamimi a.k.a. Ramz the Dawn MC, has evolved into a Christan hip-hop artist. He is a multi-talented individual; he raps, produces, writes lyrics, and is a successful businessman. Ramz envisions establishing holy hip hop into the mainstream media without watering down his message of the Gospel.

Ramz the Dawn MC is focused on teaching the youth about who Jesus Christ is through his music. Ramz uses innovative music productions along with clever lyrics to attract and captivate his audience. Ramz brings his high energy on stage which seems to emit from him and cover the crowd who watches him. He walks in confidence knowing that his steps are guided by the Holy Spirit. Once you listen to his music, you will know that he is anointed for such a time as this.

Ramz the Dawn MC is a young man with the necessary talent to take Christian rap music into the major leagues of the industry. He is the praise and worship leader for the 1st through 6th grade youth group at his church, Strong Tower Ministries of Fredericksburg, VA. He is a responsible husband and father of three who love his family. All that keeps him focused on being a good example.

Without any professional representation, he currently has created a major buzz for himself on Myspace. Reaching just over 900,000 plays after only three years of exposure, Ramz has proven that he is marketable. He has repeatedly been on the top 10 charts at Soundclick.com on their Hip Hop and Christian Rap Genre Charts. While remaining humble, Ramz approaches the young generation with energy, confidence in Christ, and boldness. For more music, videos, and more go to www.myspace.com/vaonlygotoneramz


In 2007 Ramz the Dawn MC released Pure Energy Vol 7, Pure Energy Vol 8, and Pure Energy Vol 9. Currently he is releasing Blessings Squared which has three singles that are getting attention. Blessed Hope, Get It In, and No Worries are all singles being played by HeadzupFm.com's own DJ I Rock Jesus.

Set List

I perform my latest singles. Each song is approximately 3-4 minutes. Depending on momentum, there is usually a minute or so in between songs.