Randal Branham

Randal Branham

 Orlando, Florida, USA

With Original lyrics and a "piano style that is vastly unique," his dynamics satisfy.
Randal Branham is known as a passionate pianist with a soulful voice. He uses his accurate, controlled and powerful voice to tell the story and reach out to his listeners. Style recently described Soul/Rock


Despite his father padlocking the piano shut at the age of 12, Randal's unwavering love for piano and the yearn to perform led him to be the composer and performer he is today.
2012 Performer at Florida Music Festival, 2012 Performer at Winter Garden Music Festival. A past Winner of BILLBOARD Song Contest for "Kid," and "Find A Way," Best Song by International Song Writers Guild.
Randal's powerful voice delivers his own soul, from heartfelt ballads to the upbeat powerhouses, running the gamut of dynamics - beautiful and soft - to the kinetic and electrifying piano playing delivered through his percussion-driven hands.

Randal is inspired by and stylistically compared with his influences including Ben Folds, Elton John, Billy Joel, One Republic, Alec Constandinos, Paul Mauriat, Marc Cohn, Georgio Moroder.

His most recent original album features songs that truly represent who Randal is as an artist. From emotional ballads, "Who Is This Lady?" to attitude songs, "Simple to Extreme," it offers listeners a well-rounded view into who, and what, Randal Branham really is.

To learn more, listen to his music or to book a performance with Randal Branham, visit www.RandalBranham.com or call (407) 620-5649.

See live clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWCrPoWgxFc&feature=channel&list=UL

" ... Randal Branham is an artist and an awesome entertainer! I have been to several of his live performances and find myself laughing, singing along, and feeling touched by his music every time ... " - Aley Vaughan, fan


For Lyrics go to www.RandalBranham.com on the mp3 page.

Written By: Randal Branham

Lyrics can be viewed at www.RandalBranham.com, on the mp3 page.




Words & Music: Randal Branham

Don’t know what you’ve done, but you’ve done it good.
Haven’t had nobody hold me like you would.
All the things I’m thinkin’
All the plans you’re makin’, counting every hour.

They tell you where to be and when to go.
You’re lookin’ at me as if you need to know
Will I be true, would I still be waiting, let me tell you now:

CHORUS: When your plane comes back around
And I hear that roarin’ sound
When the birds all take flight
My heart’s soaring high
When your plane comes touching down.

Flying up at 30K the world might look the same
But you know you’re getting near when over smooth terrain.
I’ll be countin’ down, and you’ll be on the ground and in my arms

Here, I can know your eyes and feel your voice
Have you beside me, and it’s your own choice
You’ll be found -

© 2012 Randal Branham
All Rights Reserved


2011 "Randal Branham - Live"
12 orig. song CD 11/2011

2005 "Songs for Diane"
14 cover & original song album
Benefiting American Cancer Society

2000 "The Ditch" Branham received Olando-area radio play: XL106.7, RealRadio 104.1 and Rollins College Radio

1998 "Randal Branham"
14 original song debut demo