Randall Zwarte Band

Randall Zwarte Band

 Osage Beach, Missouri, USA
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The Randall Zwarte Band flew across the internet like a sonic boom with the release of the mega-hits, Sturgis; a tribute to the world's largest motorcycle rally of the same name, and Lucy, a bitter break-up rhapsody. Since then, fans have clicked, played and downloaded more than 1.5 million electronic RZB tunes – all without the backing of commercial radio or a major record label. RZB continues to pack the house with their foot-stomping, whiskey swigging, asphalt burning brand of classic rock.


25th LA Music Awards - Rock Artist of the Year!

Over 108 songs on iTunes
Over 88 songs on TouchTunes Jukeboxes
Wrote the official theme song to one of the largest events in the world "Sturgis"

"The Randall Zwarte Band is a flat out phenomenon..."
Brian Bolton, iTunes/Apple Inc.

If you like killer highway, twist the damn throttle, drop the top, crack a cold one, burn the pavement, summer cruzin' on tight twisty roads with a cool out of the way dusty bar in sight, go and buy The Randall Zwarte Band new hit single American Roads from Lucky Number 13. I think it's simply his best song he has EVER EVER done. It's just a perfect summer riding song.
Crash Davis, KMOO 101.9FM - Omaha, NE.

With enough miles under their tread to circumnavigate the globe more than 62 times, one might think the Randall Zwarte' Band would be inclined to sit back and relax. Far from it – instead, frontman Randall Zwart, is ready and roaring to spread word of the band's latest release. Aptly titled, Lucky Number 13, for its place following a dozen crowd pleasing CDs, the music stays true to the classic rock roots that garnered RZB a massive, loyal fan base and a hard-won reputation as indy rock icons.

Considering the exorbitant amount of time the band has spent with wheels beneath them, it comes as no surprise that the bulk of the songs on Lucky Number 13 pay homage to backroads and open highways. At least four deep in potential chart-topping singles, Lucky Number 13 is sure to tighten RZB's powerful grip on the internet music world.

With an upbeat tempo reminiscent of Kid Rock's All Summer Long, the first track,Come Along, is destined to become a summer classic.Next up, Zwart's rough-hewn vocals lend a gritty, eeriness to Murder in the Badlands - a raw, ax-grinding tale of a fugitive on the run. Those same gravel-throated vocals and ripping guitar solos take listeners through a ghostly late night journey down a lonely road of regret with There Goes the Preacher.

In what is destined to be the break-out single, American Roads puts the pedal to the metal in a fuel-injected tribute to hitting the road, baby by your side, on a trip to anywhere and everywhere. Beware, American Roads is the kind of song that 'll get you a speeding ticket.

Road worn but a long way from road weary - the Randall Zwarte band announces national radio junket to celebrate the release of their latest album - Lucky Number 13.


Zwarte (1991)
Easy Street (1992)
Hit the Road (1995)
Zwarte IV - We Came Here (1999)
Loud American (2001)
Holy Roller (2002)
Bullets (2003)
Road to Sturgis Movie & Soundtrack (2004)
Time to Gamble (2005)
Blow the Clown (2009)
Zwarte XI (2011)
12:00am (2012)
Lucky Number 13 (2015)

Set List


Leave a girl like that alone

Come Along Girl

Gimme Shelter

Murder in the Badlands

That Girl

Easy Street

Grandma's Got a Tattoo

Kristie's Cabaret


Loco PD

Loud American


Water Party

American Roads

Holly Roller





Good Deal, Bad Man

There Goes the Preacher

I heard you Knockin

Be on My Way

West River Chill

All in a Dream