randall brian

randall brian

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

Randall Brian's music is the soundtrack to summer nights. Walking the streets, buzzed off whatever, high off whatever. For youth and passion forever and ever amen


Imagine music. Can you? now imagine what Randall Brian's music sounds like.
Get it? Motown's own Randall Brian born and raised on blues, soul and rock; his parents are confessed rock gods and would blast led zeppelin throughout the house. "Randall Brian's stage presence is undeniable" states local drunk concert goer "and his voice... amazing" Randall Brian has recently released a self-produced EP entitled Crumbs. He has performed in over 200 venues throughout america from the fox theater in Detroit to the El Rey theater in California. Randall Brian albeit short will become a large figure in your musical tapestry! Try him.


Crumbs ep 2012 avaiable @ randall.bandcamp.com