Randall Flagg

Randall Flagg


An explosive hybrid-metal band combining the intensity and drive of metalcore guitars and vocals with the precision of death metal drumming, all blended with a unique sense of melody and song structure.


Line-up: Adam Browning (vocals), Ryan Fleming (guitar), Bob Davodian (guitar/bass/background vocals), J.J. Hrubovcak (drums)

“A forward-thinking progression of styles.” - Metal Maniacs Magazine

Jersey City metal band RANDALL FLAGG aims to crush and maim with its music.

Formed in 1999 inside a Rockland County, N.Y., garage, its members reared on a healthy diet of Nirvana, Primus and Nine Inch Nails, RANDALL FLAGG is a multi-talented post-hardcore crew that continues to evolve following years of performing regularly in and around the New York/New Jersey area.

RANDALL FLAGG’s seasoned members include long-time collaborators Adam Browning (vocals) and Ryan Fleming (guitar), along with Babak “Bob” Davodian (bass/guitar/background vocals) and newest member J.J. Hrubovcak (drums). The band prides itself on an unparalleled sound derived from a mélange of individual ideas and influences, including Botch, the Deftones, Morbid Angel, Persian folklore, film scoring, Mozart, Dillinger Escape Plan and Metallica.

Davodian, who joined the band in 2005, and Hrubovcak, in 2007, also are co-founders of world-renowned extreme death metal tech-fest Divine Rapture, adding new thunderous textures to the vehement sound RANDALL FLAGG has been assaulting crowds with for nearly a decade. Hrubovcak has also played in Vile, Monstrosity, and I.C.E. (Imperial Crystalline Entombment).

On top of guitar and bass, Davodian lends other talents to RANDALL FLAGG. “He does all the guttural death metal vocal layers on the CD,” says guitarist Ryan Fleming.

The band’s brutal yet technical sound has evolved over that time, during which the guys have played such esteemed venues as CBGBs, The Knitting Factory, Don Hill’s and Starland Ballroom. RANDALL FLAGG’s ever-growing fan base is visible at their well-attended shows and attested to by the band’s vibrant and expanding Web presence.

The year 2008 is already off to a blazing start for the metalcore crew. Aside from frequent gigging, the band is garnering excellent reviews for its latest full-length CD, Warning: Contains Audio, (Krow King Records).

Of the band’s latest 11-song disc, Metal Maniacs Magazine said that it takes “mid-to-late '90s acts Vision of Disorder, Quicksand, Burn it Down and Starkweather’s molestations of early experimental metalcore somewhere modern and somewhat commercial, while still retaining that underlying metallic pride.”

“Taking the band's established proto post-death hardcore flair to new heights,” the review continues, “RANDALL FLAGG gets a little more into crossing genres and enters into a more technical and forward-thinking progression of styles.”

Another March 2008 review, appearing in the webzine Metal Revolution, called the band “more technical and progressive than your usual hardcore/metal band,” adding that Warning: Contains Audio is “one of the more interesting albums landing on my doorstep so far this year. I can highly recommend this CD to any fan of experimental hard/metalcore as well as some prog bands as Tool, Ringworm, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Vision of Disorder, Helmet, Snapcase, etc.”

"Our style is unique," says vocalist Adam Browning. "A hybrid of insane, hardcore mixed with artistic and melodic metal. It is this intense recipe that makes RANDALL FLAGG stand out.”

Stand out it does, concurs guitarist Ryan Fleming: "I think that musically, we walk a different path and try to mix new sounds and styles into a heavy metal context. We have no boundaries creatively; anything can happen.”

When RANDALL FLAGG’s vehement sound — a seamless blend of hardcore and death metal — begins blasting from the stage, there is no escaping the emotional wallop and carnal assault. Concentrating on communicating an original sound rather than fitting into the heavy metal band stereotypes, RANDALL FLAGG leaves the metal to their music.


Lightning of Gods

Written By: Adam Browning

Surrounded by sounds my ears bleed in a silent accord with harmony to
defend an army of me from systematic discrepancies a child that learns is
a child that sees all that you had in store for him

Upon a field a fire rides
Pours the pixies side by side
Tone deaf in breath in heaven lies

The being of our now and then proves existence from the sun centered in a
universe conglomeration where my body knows it's home and I see the skies
above where I think therefore I am, where I think therefore I am

Bonnie Blue

Written By: Adam Browning

Sacrifice always seemed like a necessary means to an end. An unavoidable measure of how successful everything to this point had worked out to be. Shouldered with added issues of integrity and intensity, it’s no wonder that everything seemed to build upon her like a brick mason’s nightmare. It was the edge, the boiling point of no return. How long had Bonnie felt like this. The past mixed with the present, denying the future any reasonable chance for survival; and she realized she was all covered in

Bonnie Blue you knew as you waited in your car Going through and through your tragic fated war But you would not ignore them
As it conquered your soul
Must’ve felt so good letting go

Your sinner inner demons only whispered good deeds
Schizophrenic friends who told you who you’d see
But you would not ignore them
As they conquered your soul
Must’ve felt so good letting

Now Bonnie would run hide and plan another flight of retribution. They
would all see her cleansing hand. And none shall be spared on her path of
righteousness. The good shall inherit the world, the meek shall inherit
all of the world.

But you could not ignore them
As it conquered your soul
Must’ve felt so good letting go

So right, So red, Surprise, Your happy

I’ve seen her a thousand and one to this day
Held hands with her softly daydreaming frame
Stepped out of the silence and conquered the shade
Even though tears creep, smile and fade
Then you’d know what you’d done to me
Hope you’d appreciate it
Instead of always blaming me
Wish we’ll get passed it

So red, covered in red

But you would not ignore them
As it conquered your soul
Must’ve felt so good letting go

So right, so blue


2007 LP: "Warning: Contains Audio"
Listen at: http://cdbaby.com/cd/randallflagg2

2004 EP: "Issue#1"
Listen at: http://cdbaby.com/cd/randallflagg

Set List

Set List:
1. Evolution
2. Broken Ladder
3. The Corinthian
4. Walter
5. Wankle
6. Lightning of Gods
7. Blueprint
8. The Art of Achieving
9. Bonnie Blue

Set Length: typically 45min
All original material