Randall J. Rospond

Randall J. Rospond


"FUNKY GROOVIN' POETIC FOLK" from the leader of the "Haiku Hillbillys" well travelled troubador's music may just make you laugh , dance and cry at the same time ! Often joined by a cast of thousands or just plain all alone... be ready for "chicken skin"


Randall is originally from Oshawa ...the Mississauga Indian name for "A Place Between the Waters..." coincidently the name of his most recent CD.
25 years of music travels have taken him from Florida to Toronto to Chicago to Calgary/Banff Alberta's Rocky mountains to California and for the last 13 years...MAUI , Hawaii!
You can hear southern country influences and bluegrass mixing with blues , while reggae and psychedelia turn to folk and you find yourself with this unique sometimes ambiguously spiritual songwriters vision putting you in a spell that you may not want to come out of !
Give him a listen and see why he has had the honour of opening concerts for most notably John Prine , Kris Kristofferson , Los Lobos , Hot Tuna , Valdy , Vin Garbutt , Stephen Fearing and not so strangely the theatrical production of "the Vagina Momologues"
From his begining days touring with the Garage punk/ Stones influenced... Dead Flowers....to his present day folky and intimate maturity ; everyone , their parents and children should find some thing to relate to in this poets music.


Many self produced tapes and CD's over 25 years...
but this new one:
"A Place Between the Waters..." containing the singles: "Love Calls" , "Mirrors" and "Sweet Moments Sweeter" regularly played on Maui's Manao Radio are the ones you'll want to hear.

Set List

no typical set list ! he goes from acoustic to rocking...open tunings to regular...growls to crys...
with covers of everyone from Dylan to Lou Reed to Patti Smith to Daniel Lanois to Johnny Cash....and can play originals all day without repeating a song!