Randall Rossilli

Randall Rossilli

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Inspiring, educational, and morally uplifting. My music does teaching without preaching in a style that is melodically contagious and enjoyable to the ENTIRE family.


A modern-day Renaissance man, Randy Rossilli, Jr. is a published author, composer, illustrator, and puppet builder. An actor who also has vast experience in media production, Randy is also an award-winning educator with 13 years experience, holding positions as teacher, magnet school creator and director, principal, and central office administrator.


Thomas Edison

Written By: Randy Rossilli, Jr.

Imagine a world full of darkness
Where fire’s your only light
Trying to read by lantern
When the sun sets down at night.

Well that’s the way things used to be.
And could be to this day
If not for the efforts of a man
Who helped make the world what it is today.

He lit the world up. He made it shine.
He helped us hear our songs time after time,
He helped us see our dreams on the silver screen.
Thomas Edison, when it comes to invention, you’re the king.

He drove his teachers crazy, what little he went to school.
He couldn’t make the grade, they say he daydreamed like a fool.
But little did they know it, but a genius was in their midst.
A man who would change the world, with more inventions than I could list


Next time you turn on a light, or plug in your alarm clock.
Or talk on the telephone, or the streetlights light up your block.
When you go down to the movies, play your tunes or use batteries.
Remember the man who in hi lab in Jersey helped these things come to be.


Thomas Edison, when it comes to invention, you’re the king.

It's Alright To Be Different

Written By: Randy Rossilli, Jr.

The giraffe walks through the jungle
With his head above the trees
All the animals laugh at him
He wished they wouldn’t tease.
He knows that his long neck helps him get food no one else can reach
So when the animals laugh at him, he just starts to sing.

It’s alright to be different
It doesn’t make you strange
How boring the world would be
If we all were the same
It doesn’t matter
What you look like
What matters is the kind of person you are inside

Mike’s brother and sister his mom and dad had brown hair on their heads
But little mike was born with red hair instead.
He thought his classmates would call him names or that people would stop and stare.
But he soon found out it was his heart that mattered and not the color of his hair.


Don’t judge someone by where they come from or by the color of their skin
Don’t judge by the way they talk or if they’re too fat or too thin.
Remember nobody’s perfect and we’re all special in our own way.
Don’t be afraid to be yourself and don’t worry what people might say.



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