Randall Spear

Randall Spear


"Randall Spear should feel comfortable beside Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.."-P. Nadeau Journal de Quebec


* Randall Spear has been selected for the 2007 edition of the NXNE music festival in Toronto. If you are going, check out his showcase.

Since the release of "The Most Important Thing..." Nov. 2006 to critical acclaim from CBC radio, Global television, Voir Magazine, Energie Radio, and the fantastic reaction from over 70 radio stations whose program directors have placed "waiting" in strong rotation..Randall Spear is enjoying the success of being heard and recognized as a Canadian songwriter to remember.

Born in Montreal in 1968, Randall’s Irish traditional roots (his grandfather Patrick O’neil was an Irish folk musician) combined with the influence of his brother in law, Bob Beauchamp, who was a DJ for CHOM FM in the 70’s, and had a 3000 record collection, formed his love for both folk and commercial music.

Randall studied classical guitar and compostion before he began to play his own songs live. After winning his first songwriting competition at Laval University, Randall never stopped writing and performing original music.

Randall has performed throughout Canada, from Acadian folk festivals in Havre-St-Pierre to downtown bars in Toronto, and has shared the stage with some of the best musicians in Canada, a member of SOCAN for over fifteen years. Randall's performances have won him a loyal following and shows booked in cultural centres, concert halls, cafés, colleges and bars across the country. In other words: wherever original Canadian songwriting is welcomed, Randall feels right at home.

Now Randall has colaborated with André Lavernge ( a very talented guitarist and arranger) and together they are proud to present songs from their new recording “The Most Important Thing” (Big Blue World Music 2006)..

With great musicianship, superb songwriting & excellent performances, Randall Spear is an artist to discover.

Barry Mell : Artist representation
Big Blue World Music.


"The Most Important Thing" Novemeber 2006 (Big Blue World)

"Chosen Songs" 2005 (4 song ep)
"Reviver"(2005) co-written with Pat The White (Bros)

"Acoustic Songs" 2005(independent)

Set List

2 sets..original songs with some chosen covers by Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Daniel Lanois and Prince. (45min each set)

1. By the Ocean
2. slow parade
3. Make everything allright
4. Love sick (Dylan)
5. Don't give up on Love
6. Scenes from a window
7. Clap Hands (Tom Waits)
8. Looking out the window
9. Every Wave is Different
10. Kiss (Prince)


1) Party Girls
2) Waiting
3) Walking on the other side of Love
4) Sweet Marianne
5) Get it Together
6) The Maker (Daniel Lanois)
7) Song for an Empty Chair
8) Kiss from your sister
9)More bad news