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randall spear


Known for his honest performences, highlighted by award winning songwriting and great musicianship, Randall Spear has been performing and songwriting for over 20 years: Awards: Best Folk CD Quebec Champlain 2011; Best Songwriter Lys Folk/Blues Award 2010;Collaborations: Pat the White,Steve Fisher.


Born in Montreal in 1968, Randall Spear grew up with the influences of his grandfather who was a folk musician, and his brother-in-law who was a dj for the famous Montreal rock station Chom fm. He studied classical guitar and compositon at the Conservatory of Music in Quebec city before perfoming his own songs. After winning his first songwriting competition at Laval University, Randall decided to perform and write professionally. He has played with some of the best musicians in Canada, and has won awards for his collaborations and for his first independent recording. He has released two Cds : Slow Parade 2010, Someone to Help Me 2011 and he is currently recording his third. He tours and plays throughout Canada.Awards: Best Folk Cd Quebec Champlain 2010; Best Songwriter: Lys Folk/Blues 2010: has colloaborated with blues guitarist Pat the White and bluegrass player Steve Fisher.


Rise Above

Written By: Randall Spear

Rise Above
Rise Above
Until you find love

It's not easy to forgive
But you only have one life to live
and if all you see is negative
Take a look at the other side
there's a door that's open wide
asking you to come inside
and forget your foolish pride

Shadows are growing all the time
leaving no peace of mind
but if you look you will find
that even in your darkest hour
there is another power
growing like a fragile flower
climbing up to the top of the tower

You might think it's easy for me
to sing this song so easily
but nothing in life comes for free
and the price I've paid I'm paying still
adding up this heavy bill
swallowing this bitter pill
climbing up this slippery hill

to Rise Above..

Randall Spear


Someone to Help Me, Aug. 2011
Speacial Project with Steve Fisher: Only Love Can Bring you There with the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra. 2012

LABLE: Session 5 entertainment: Independent
Distribution: Dep-Universal

Set List

2 forty five minute sets with an encore at the end..
all orginal material from my album Slow parade and Someone to help Me, and other new songs