Randan Discotheque

Randan Discotheque


Randan Discotheque write songs, love songs, hate songs, fun songs, sad songs. Randan Discotheque writes music for these songs, reverb, country, folk, dub, rock n roll, hymns and laments. Plus, we know how to dress up.


Randan Discotheque started in 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland as a one man folk/country songwriter. Songs were personal and political, lovely and creepy. Now a three piece, the has expanded, allowing the band to recreate the sound of their first two albums, "Randan Discotheque" (2005), and "I Am the Singer, You Are the Song" (2007). Even if i do say so myself, we write interesting lyrics, and produce interesting music. Live, we can be quiet and touching, or loud and brash. We have no one sound. We can play acoustically and electrically and have played gigs in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Athens, Dusseldorf, London, Manchester & Arbroath.


"Randan Discotheque" - 2005, self released album CD
"I Am the Singer, You Are the Song" - 2007, self released album (CD)

Set List

Our typical set list is around 30 minutes.
1.The Myth of My Jo
2. Courting
3. Time to Waste
4. Daily Record May 18th 1993
5. Love is on the Line
6. Grieve & Mourn
7. Heather the Weather
8. Dear San Lorenzo

but we can play easily for an hour.