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Randi Coffman

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Hey Woman

Written By: Randi Coffman

Hey little girl
Don’t be afraid
Did those big kids try and scare you
Make you cry and run away
Come here I’ll dry your tears
Hold you in my arms
You’ll be okay

Hey teenage girl
You must be so afraid
Standing at that clinic door
A choice you had to make
But you’re not alone
I’m here for you
You’re going to be okay

Hey young lady
Are you feeling scared?
So much lies ahead of you
Big decisions to be made
About love and life
Find your strength inside
And you’ll be all right

Hey single mom
Are you feeling blue?
Things didn’t turn out like you planned
And now it’s just the kids and you
It’s okay to cry
But hold your head up high
And keep those dreams alive

Hey Woman!
Don’t be afraid!
That little girl has grown up
A survivor’s in her place
She’s been there all along
She’s loving, good and strong
And she’ll always be a guide
When no one else is by your side

I’m here for you
My arms are open wide
There is peace and love
If you look inside

Hey woman
I’m talking to you