Randi Russo

Randi Russo


Mixing a variety of styles, Randi Russo has drawn comparisons to fellow New Yorkers Patti Smith, the Velvet Underground, and Sonic Youth for her chaotic and pensive songwriting. Her music is emotional, combining toughness and tenderness at once.


Randi Russo is a southpaw who spawns unique and interesting chords by playing her guitar upside-down and backwards. Her velvety singing style is as equally raw and beautiful as her guitar playing is edgy and unusual. Her hypnotic, pulsing guitar riffs take people places, while her honest lyrics bring the listener back home.

Mixing indie rock, New York garage rock, and singer/songwriter sensibilities, Randi has drawn comparisons to fellow New Yorkers Patti Smith, The Velvet Underground, and Sonic Youth for her chaotic and pensive songwriting. Her music is enchantingly dark and driving with great emotional depth. With her band, her sound is notoriously noisy ("nervy rock" as Collected Sounds called it), while her solo performances show a more avant-folky side, drawing comparisons to artists like Cat Power and Smog. As is the mark of the most enduring and adored artists, Randi innately knows how to mix equal parts of toughness and tenderness in her songwriting and performances. The Village Voice has said that, “Randi is someone to keep your eye on… her fame is pretty much guaranteed.”

In December 2001, Olive Juice Music released her debut full-length studio album, Solar Bipolar, from which the song Dead Citizen was added to Australia's KaosFM's Radio Hit Disc with the song hitting #7 on their charts. The record received critical acclaim in select indie magazines, notable online zines and prestigious papers. Later, Solar Bipolar landed a distribution deal through Big Daddy Music.

As a staple performer on the Antifolk scene, Randi released a track on Olive Juice's Antifolk Compilation, Call It What You Want: This Is Antifolk, along with well-known artists such as Daniel Johnston’s Hyperjinx Tricycle, Kimya Dawson and Adam Green (of the Moldy Peaches), Jeffrey Lewis, as well as other talented singer-songwriters that represent the top notch artists of this close-knit music community. She has just finished another record which was recorded at Loiter Studios in Brooklyn, N.Y. This new material highlights some of her best work yet, as she effortlessly conveys emotional vulnerability with an unwavering confidence.

Last summer, Randi and her band played the Summerfest in Milwaukee, on a small stage, alongside main stage acts such as Crosby, Stills & Nash and 311. She has toured the US, the UK and France. Her Northwest tour included a live radio appearance (interview and songs) on the Think Tank Show on KAOS FM in Olympia, WA. She will be touring the UK again this July.

Randi is also a visual artist and has had her work printed in various zines and shown in galleries.


League of the Brigands

Written By: Randi Russo

Didn't really mean to hurt you,
Didn't mean to cause you harm,
Didn't want to desert you,
Or cause your heart alarm.

Oh they taught me well,
The league of the brigands…
They taught me how to love them
And get up and leave them when I can…
And join the bandits of hearts
--the bandits of hearts.

Didn't really want to leave you,
But I didn't really want to stay.
You know I could never deceive you,
So I had to be on my way.

Oh they taught me well;
They made my heart swell.
Just when I thought I found love,
They all got up and left me to myself…
And that's what I did to you.

I took all of the pain from my youth and I passed it on to you.
You'll probably find a brand new love, and you'll do to her what I did to you.
And we'll keep that cycle of hurt going on 'cause that's what we seem to do.
Learn from the master of disaster 'cause nothing else tells the truth
…no, nothing else tells the truth.

I'm not proud…
Over what I did to you.

Hold to your heart… before you let it go.

Release Me

Written By: Randi Russo

You broke in my house and then you broke in my head
The tragedy is you didn’t leave me for dead.
The pain that it brought me went straight to my brain.
That time, I am certain, was when I went insane.

Please release me. I don’t know what I did wrong.

The pressure is strong
And it comes from outside
I’d like to diffuse it
But it mixed with my pride.
I was wishing them hard; I was wishing them well.
Why they done beat me
I never could tell.

Please release me. I don’t know what I did wrong.

(c) Randi Russo


Live at CB's 313 Gallery (EP), Solar Bipolar (LP), Still Standing Still (EP). Clips of songs are available for streaming or downloading at www.randirusso.com (under music).

Set List

A typical set list is 10 or 11 songs; 45 minutes long. Most songs will be from the latest recordings: Shout Like a Lady, Battle on the Periphery, Ceiling Fire, Dead Horse, Release Me, and others. Songs from Solar Bipolar include: League of the Brigands, Wonderland, Push-Pull, and Matchless. Some covers are also thrown into the set from time to time.