Random Encounter

Random Encounter

 Orlando, Florida, USA

High energy video game inspired rock with an accordion.

Yes, you read that right.


What's Random Encounter? I don't know. Some dudes and a girl. With instruments. And dumb faces. Look at them. Look at the dumb faces. 

Also, they play video game rock with an accordion lead. They've been described as a "Nostalgia Falcon Punch". Hey, that's a pretty good band name too! They play music from, about, and inspired by video games and nerd culture. 

Drawing from their love of video games, Random Encounter writes and performs a diverse array of original music with strong tie ins to things you know and love and performs these hauntingly familiar songs with more energy than kids these days should have!

Random Encounter has been featured on Badassoftheweek.com, TEDx: Ideas Worth Sharing, performed as a part of Video Games Live throughout Florida and Europe, has been voted the Best Rock & Indie Band in Orlando in years past by the Orlando Weekly, has performed in virtually every major city on the East Coast and Midwest US at conventions such as GenCon, Otakon, MAGFest, Escapist Expo, Florida Supercon, Megacon, Metrocon, Spooky Empire's May-Hem, and AFO.


Set List

Random Encounter is able to play any amount of time from 20 to 90 minutes.