Our music is a hybrid from old school grunge (Silverchair, Alice in Chains) mixed with a touch of psychedelic (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin), all combined with more heavy riffs reminding of Tool and Orgy.


Starting in Edmundston, New-Brunswick as indie rock underdogs, Random managed to make it to the "Battle of the Bands" of Fredericton and win first prize, against 20 others Maritimes bands. Then, Random decided to move to Montreal, without any cash or jobs to back them up. What a big step you might say? "All for rock and roll," Random would say. Moving to Montreal was inevitable for the band. As www.greatwhitenoise.ca describes, "At first, Random struck me as interesting. By the end of the set, I was in awe. The use of effects added an undeniable dynamic to the music, which was at any given point inventive, aggressive and satisfying. This kind of sound could, and should, land them reputations as indie darlings until they inevitably get signed to a major."



Written By: Mathieu Emond

You're sleeping on the moon
A thousand miles away
Whishing you could come back soon
To trouble my mind once again

And then a meteor is thrown
In the atmosphere where I belong
You blaze like a shooting star
Blaze my cold-blooded heart

And I know...

Yeah, you're splitting the dark sky in two
Yeah, with a trail of fire behind you
Yeah, with stars falling for you
Yeah, and I think I'm falling too

The wind is pushing you further
Further down your way to me
Nearer you get the more I fear
Fearing moonlight memories

Then the sun will reapear
And your trail of fire will fade
You'll crash around without a sound
And I'll be there to pick you up

And I wish...

I wish I had a fire behind
To burn my past and bad times
And never, ever look behind
And never give a piece of mind...

Fly above my head
Fly and don't go back again

Another Look

Written By: Mathieu Emond

Looking good, feeling great
You're lurking for another prey
Persuasive and complimenting
You drain the water from the spring

Looking good, feeling great
You're lurking for another prey
Persuasive and complimenting
You make a guy feel interesting

Until the end...

How could I fell in your trap?
How could you do this to me?
How could I fell in your hands?
How could I fall for you?

You vampire
You drain blood
Blood spilling from
My broken heart

And in the mirror,
Your reflection, imperfections
Your reflection...


Nostalgia in 2004 - 10 songs
2 Full Albums unreleased for now
2-3 songs play on CFAI FM in Edmundston and Grand-Falls, N-B.

Set List

We play our originals.

Some covers:

Radiohead - Paranoid Android
Tool - Lateralus, Aenima, The Grudge
Silverchair - Tomorrow, Pure Massacre

and some other covers... there are too many because we keep switching.