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Call him Random, Big Ran or Random Beats, or call him the collective conscience of Hip-Hop. Upon hearing his Archetype LP, RAHM Nation founder Ohene called Random the newest member, extending an invitation to join which Ran wholeheartedly accepted. You can hear his distinct delivery or unorthodox production on several of this year's biggest underground releases. "I never want anyone to predict my next move," he says. You can, however, expect the unexpected from Random, hence the name.

a 12-year rhyme veteran, Random's bars are filled with all of the heartache, pain, triumph, tragedy and fun that come with everyday living. as a special education teacher, Random's plight is one that can be related to by anyone, transcending race or class barriers.
His current project, "Fundamentals" is recieving rave reviews from Hip-Hop critics and purists alike. Ran's full length LP, The Call , hit stores February 21, 2006 and boasts the critically acclaimed singles "Raze The Bar" and "Salvation" featuring Wordsworth, which are playing on college and independent radio from Philadelphia to Seattle.

"The Call" also contains tracks with/from Hezekiah, Reef the Lost Cauze, Ohene, Hasan Salaam and several talented musicians and artists, who collaborate to create a musical and soulful journey.

Heed The Call.

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Written By: Random feat. Wordsworth

Verse 1: Random
I wasn’t raised on a bad block
But round here cats’ll steal your lawn chairs if you aint got em padlocked
Just to get another slice of that crack rock
Another day another cat shot
Younguns love shooting craps on the blacktop
Till the loser come back with his gat cocked
Clear the corner like a janitor, skate before the camera flash
You know its all for the love of the cash
And baby mommas be praying to hit the lottery to get em outta poverty
Talking to the realtor about some beachfront property
And a life that’s so far from hers
Sometime it leaves me at a loss for words
But this aint the time
I write rhymes with a purpose to the verses
Trying to instill a sense of self-worth into the worthless
Who think nobody understand the dirt below the surface
Never claimed to be perfect, no one on this earth is
Watching for the serpents raining on my circus
Living my life before they close my curtain
This for the years you played us and never paid us
I’ve been patient, now I need Salvation….

HOOK (Ron Damian)

People need a and to hold, whenever the world becomes too cold,
Just look in my eyes, turn to the sky, and see you shining down on me
And even when it gets too hard, and you gotta struggle through
Walk through the fire, towards your desire, keep on reachin’ for salvation

Verse 2: Random
Its getting worse by the second, kids grab weapons when they feel threatened
Stress can turn a young G into a steel veteran
Less than 18, looking like he 35,
Tote a 45 with dreams of being a certified
Gangsta thanks to movies and music
His mom working 3 jobs and pop was abusive
This life, he aint choose it, but wit no options
Or doctrine it seems foolish to refuse it
Ridge supposed to be in charge of the homeland
But here a grown man can’t support his own fam
So, Lord save us from living outrageous
Killing for wages, spending a lifetime in cages
Waiting for greatness, escape from the Matrix
And meanwhile afraid of the fate that awaits us
Looking to the future but too blind to see
A picture of where we need to be, Salvation

Verse 3: Wordsworth
Seeking salvation, but people won’t file statements
Condemned buildings need painting, foul maintenance
Drug pushers, child rapist
911 is like 3 sixes, you dialed satan
in your own ands you take matters, to get even
another person’s family is made sadder
informants tape data, make friends chatter
and drop dimes on crimes when they gather
shots from karma, army fatigues,
bulletproof vests, they need to make the tank-tops from armor
criminal activity, storefront black ministries
nowadays religion’s a cash industry
lack sympathy, man mugged in the alley
cousins in county, husbands in bounties
outlook on life is dreadful,
you know its bad when you feelin’ like death is a rescue
they need to help us man..



2003- The Random Demo Project
2004- Archetype
2005- Fundamentals: The EP
2006- The Call
2006- The Call: The RemixTape

Set List

On The Grind
Then to Now skit
City Boy
Raze The Bar
J Dilla Tribute

total time: 15:00 (can be adjusted to 10:00 or 20:00