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"Putting Jesus on the map (literally) by Cypher777"

How do we know what’s “conventional” when it comes to describing Hip Hop today? What if what we call “unconventional”, is really traditional and vice versa? I mean, Hip Hop was never meant to be commercial nor outlandish either. It was a format that was meant originally for inner-city individuals to speak their minds and vent their everyday frustrations using basic rhyme styles and a basic beat as a backdrop.

But as time went on, someone decided to get a little more technical and elaborate with this element. Different styles started to form and kids from all walks of life started to voice their opinions too. Unfortunately, corporate America saw dollar signs and turned it into the ugly monster you see now. Nowadays, new genres are being created every second and the battle still exists on what is conventional or not. Which brings me to the newest effort from Id Obelus called, “Promo Overkill”. “P.O.” smashes what many consider conventional with a brash 13 track masterpiece.

Of the 13 tracks, none are longer than three and a half minutes long but, it takes nothing away from what this album has to offer. It’s a roller coaster ride like the track “Cornfields, Orange Peels, Force Fields”, or the Nomar Slevik produced “You’ve got nothing to say”. Then there are tracks that straight up bash your face in like “Shortcut #5” (produced by Elypsis) or the dope “Auraface” where Xczircles of The Escape Artists lends his voice.

“Mud” encompasses an echo of chambers that are hovering through the track while Id and Oblio rip rapid flows without mercy. Some may think that he just spits stupid flows for the hell of it like in the track “My Free MP3” or, is he just getting sh*t off his chest?

Id Obelus has a nasal style that’s a cross between Bleubird and Sixtoo and he even has a little Buck65 in him as well. To some, the lyrics might just be a little too left field at times. On each cut he’s doing a little something, and that usually comes with a surprise. His odd verses are told in a very visual way and you might even be lured by the sometimes peculiar sing song flow. If you are not willing to follow Id’s every word, this album offers you enough music to get lost in. The production is handled by a slew of “composers” so; it stands to say that each “composer” offers a reason why you want to check out this record. This album succeeds in giving us a lot of character, honest emotions and creative forwardness, as well as an excellent album chock full of contents to be discovered. - Insomniac Magazine

"Beats & Rhymes Hip Hop Reviews, Id Obelus - 88 Oranges by Thomas Quinlan"

After the short intro to Id Obelus’s 88 Oranges, Paid Jah’s Earl Hienz Ketchup gets most impressive with his production for “Push the Button,” providing a beat to make any rapper look good; so Obelus decides to drop some slick observations on his post-9/11 world. It’s as catchy as you’re likely to find on 88 Oranges, although “Irrelevance,” with Tae Sun’s horn and conga-heavy beat married to Obelus’s self-deprecating braggadocio, and “Orange Everything,” with another triumphant Earl Hienz Ketchup beat for Obelus’s drug-induced theorising, are close on the heels in song order and enjoyment. Nomar Slevik’s Ghostbusters-reject beat for “Song About Psalm 101v7” continues the string of successes. In fact, the beats are most often well-chosen, and Id Obelus is a quirky but honest rapper that would fit well with Anticon or Plague Language. He touches on numerous topics: along with the politics of “Push the Button,” Obelus also raps about poverty (“Poor Mule”), the temptation to sell out (“M.C. Trustworthy”) and love (“Mrs. Starfish”). The sound is often lo-fi (but not gritty) and there is a very casual feel to the whole project that gives 88 Oranges an endearing quality. A very independent — and likely to be limited — release that is worth seeking out by those interested in hip-hop that’s outside the box.(Splitwood) - Exclaim! (Canada's Music Authority)

"Id Obelus - 88 oranges by Dave Altherr"

In a genre that is heavily saturated at this point, Id Obelus has released an underground hip hop album with brains, wit and atypical beats. Hailing from the Hoosier state, Id Obelus draws comparisons to MC Paul Barman and Aesop Rock without the constant corniness of the former or abstractness of the latter. With the obvious lack of having a big name producer like Prince Paul or El-P to work with, Id Obelus rhymes over tracks that have simple drum beats, keys and some tracks with horns. Most likely this album won’t be on your babies momma’s Christmas List, but worth a listen and if given the opportunity to witness him live, don’t miss the show. -

"Difficult Listening by Tang Li Wheebs & the Mole - Id Obelus: 2 Bit Fugue"

Sprouting from the endless cornfields of Indiana, Id Obelus doesn't have a lot of hip-hop influences in his environment, and it's apparent when listening to his music. He really can't be compared to any other rapper guys that I've heard. His voice actually sounds kind of like E. T. He raps with a smooth, slow, melodic flow, perfectly complementing the beats, which are normally smooth, slow and melodic as well. Adding a little extra spice and variety to the album, there are guest contributions from an ample assortment of beat makers and vocalists, including Noah 23, Myn Dwun, Elias, Naval Aviator, Earl Heinz Ketchup, and me, among others. [The Mole]

Tang Li would probably say something like, "Nice, melodic, and fun enough. Good stuff." [The Mole filling in for Tang Li Wheebs] - Mau Time Weekly


Id Obelus - Flyourfavorite
2007 SIQ Records (CD)

Id Obelus - the Inevitable Crushing
2008 Audio Reconnaissance (CD)

other projects/releases:

DONE - How to Own a Shadow (2008 Emben Digital)

Random Art Projects - Ignore Ignorance
2009 An Art Like Sound (CD)


Offbeaters vol 2.0 & 2.1 (vinyl and CD)
2005 subversiv Rec. (Germany)

Dejine Rec. Compilation vol. 1

2006 dejine.rec (Japan)

motherboard e-comp (2007)

siq records e-comp vol. 1 (2007)

NWRIOML Early 2009 Sampler
(Failure Records)

"Reckon Rap'll Eat Ya!" video by
Maria Giulia Giorgiani featured on,
zerofeedback vol.01
zerofeedback 2007 (Italy)



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