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Random Dander

Mission, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Mission, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
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"Random Dander’s Free Flowing Funk"

Random Dander
Second Cuming
Independent Release, 2014

Random Dander are a psychedelic six piece with funky rhythms and attitude. They offer up a tight and dense double drum (percussion) rhythm section for the guitars to squall against manically. Vocalist Jackie Lee has husky, coarse cut vocals, giving a distinctive voice to the substantially revved up recordings.
“Skin Lizard” is a punchy, full bodied number carried by the bass and drums as raving guitars flow through, trying to find a way out.
“Don Juan Chu” is a great, propulsive number that roils with tension and energized leads.
“Manna Stache” grooves and flows like Santana for the next millenium. “How You Gonna” expands and turns inward, before blossoming into an angry screed. The band continues to throw elbows against the constraints of the song. Muscular and musical, the songs is the centerpiece of the disc.
High energy and always upbeat, this band could well be headed for the jam band festival circuit if they continue to make enough noise. - http://indiemusic.co/author/jrivera/

"Random Dander Second Cuming EP CD Review / 2014 Self / 4 Tracks /"

Smooth Moves is a funky, rocking sort of track that does more to
establish a narrative with the interplay of the various elements of the
band than anything else that we have heard this year. When Jackie Lee’s
vocals begin, the track takes on a rockabilly meets seventies rock sort
of sound. A positively lush production and technical skill of everyone
in Random Dander make this an eye-opening track. Our favorite part of
Smooth Moves has to be the ability of Random Dander to immediately turn
on a dime and create a distinctly different sound in the space of
seconds. This means that listeners will have absolutely no idea where
they will be taken during Second Cuming even if they realize that the
band are incredibly capable and comfortable in their skins.

How You Gonna begins with a booming, resounding drum beat and sizzling
(Kansas, Primus) guitar line and chunky bass – the sheer magnitude of
the band’s output here is unable to be properly placed into words. Heart
in Hand is a perfect piece of rock that allows Jackie Lee ample
opportunity to put it all on the line – the resounding raucous sound and
supersonic vocal assault crafted by the band will stick with fans long
after the mini-album has ceased to spin.

The Second Cuming EP is available at the band’s domain – additional
information about Random Dander can be found at their Facebook or their
main website. With how solid this EP is, I know that I will be eagerly
anticipating more releases coming from the band’s neck of Canada.
Top Tracks: How You Gonna, Heart in Hand - James McQuiston, Ph.D.


Returning to Canada, we get the latest from Random Dander with their "Second Cumming" album. This six-piece band has been growing in popularity since 2011, and are looking to bring their brand of high-octane fun down to the U.S. The four-song EP begins with the slinky swing of "Smooth Moves," that gives a more mainstream alternative sound than the rest of the album. Vocalist Jackie Lee leads the way on the rocker "Manna Stache" as the guitar-driven tune walks the thin line between classic hard rock and progressive metal. The band's overall sound matches perfectly to the American rock band Rival Sons as Random Dander borrows from their influences in order to create another outlet for music lovers to enjoy. - JP'S MUSIC BLOG


Random Dander- First Delivery
Full length 12" LP

Random Dander- The Second Cuming

Full length 12" LP



Wiping off the dander dust from a shelf one day while working a day job at a grocery store, Oke Chornick started repeating the phrase “Random Dander” and thought it would be the perfect name for the freewheeling, high energy vibe of her six piece (now four guys, two girls) band that’s become a dominant force in the Vancouver, BC area since 2011. 

Oke, the group’s powerhouse female drummer, did some online research and found that “dander,” which commonly means “lose one’s temper” or “material shed from the body of animals,” had unique colloquial meanings in different cultures: “pussy” in Australia, “going for a walk” in the UK. The provocative name stuck, allowing them to play whatever they want – from funk to folk, blues, jazz, reggae, psychedelic and hard rock. In their anything goes aesthetic, there’s even a little punk, surf and heavy metal in the mix. Using a “random” but extraordinary mix of instruments, including timbales and xylophone (played by Nicolas Mendonca) in addition to two guitars (James Kelly, Shane Hoy), bass and drums, this crazy cast of characters creates its own brand of raw, saucy, no holds barred rock and roll. 

Now with Pat Benatar/Janis Joplinesque female vocalist Jackie Lee stepping up to become their full time lead singer, Random Dander takes the vibe of their debut album First Delivery (which featured a male lead singer) to an explosive new level, creating something of a religious musical experience on their new eight song collection Second Cuming. The title is a sly reference to their Jesus lookalike bassist Luke Kokoszka (aka “Funky Geez”), whose tight and propulsive pocket groove with Oke’s drive sets the wild pace. Truly a “cuming out” party for the infectious new sound of the band, the album was produced by La Chinga/Spitfires drummer Jason Solyum. Key tracks include the blazingly fast, ironically titled “Smooth Moves,” whose witty lyrics (by Jackie) were inspired by the image of a broken wood carved Sylvester and Tweety windmill, running only on one leg; the hard-chugging, distorted guitar driven “Manna Stache,” whose offbeat title comes from reading a band’s name upside down; and the majestic rocker “How Ya Gonna,” about people who blame everyone for their own problems while pretending to be in control of their lives. 

As dynamic as Random Dander sounds on their studio recordings, it’s the live setting where they’re most at home, having a good time, bringing the high octane, soulful madness and keeping the crowd on its feet dancing all night. Exactly one year after performing their first live show, the group headlined the Columbia Valley Music Festival, rocking a two hour set of originals past 4am. They’ve been invited to play at local Canada Day and Jubilee celebrations and at local fundraisers in their hometown of Mission benefitting local food banks and other worthy causes. While occasionally holding court at the Captain’s Cabin, a local pub in Mission, they also headline regularly in Vancouver, everywhere from The Astoria and The Biltmore to The Railway Club and The Rickshaw Theatre. 

“Random Dander essentially started when Luke and I started jamming around town and our longtime musician friends started joining in on the fun,” says Oke. “We’re all good friends and love each other and the chemistry comes from that and just the fact that we’ve all known each other for so many years. I’ve known Jackie 22 years and used to babysit Shane when he was a kid! It’s a tight knit, mellow group, a little family that’s totally non judgmental when it comes to opening up to great new riffs and ideas. It’s fun to just get out there and play.” 

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