Random Design

Random Design


Random Design was created by three musicians looking to blend their unique musical styles. The result was a sound that was diverse and entertaining, reminiscent of many genres yet distinctly original.


Random Design has been together since February of 2006. The band was initially formed by Mike Hepp and guitarist Curtis Scarrow as the Mike Hepp Band. They were joined by drummer Ian Anderson in late 2005 and bassist Kevin Macza shortly thereafter. Curtis and Kevin eventually left the group and bassist Shayne Feltis was added in early 2006 to form what is now Random Design. The band initially started working on material written by Mike Hepp prior to Random Design. The group initially played an acoustic rock style reminiscent of Dave Mathews, Stabillo Boss and Days of the New. After 6 months of rehearsals the act hit the road and did half a dozen shows between Moose Jaw, Regina and Saskatoon, SK. In this time the band also independently recorded its first three song demo. As the band matured so did their sound, leading to a heavier rock mix. The acoustic guitar eventually took a shelf to the electric guitar. The band developed a rock sound, which encompassed strong melodies over bright and wide chord arrangements with a lot of bass movement to fill up the space. After writing 6 new tracks, a new rock track was added to the existing demo through a grant from SaskMusic. The purpose was to ease into the rock genre and allow promoters and booking people the ability to judge Random Design’s music properly. As the music progressed, so did the music and the bravery of all three instruments. The result is more syncopated rhythms and interplay between the bass and guitars, which is now the Random Design sound. With an arsenal of 11 strong originals RD has been hitting the stages of festivals and clubs with mature attitudes, skills and determination. They have also been chipping away at their first full length CD dollar by dollar.

Set List


The runner
We said
Promises and bandages

originals (acoustic)

Don't you
Pretty thing
This land
23rd and Pacific
Amaze me

Live - All over you
Soundgarden - tighter and tighter
Seether - Fine again
Foo Fighters - Everlong
Recounters - Steady as she goes
Social distortion - I was wrong
Tool - Sober
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Higher ground
Pearl Jam - World Wide Suicide
Sublime - Wrong way
Matt mays - Cocaine cowgirl