Random Falter

Random Falter


Rock music with soul. Catchy hooks and a unique style. Random Falter delivers energizing music that is remembered for diversity, stong vocals and driving riffs. Random Falter is a seasoned band with expierience and dedication..


Edmonton based Random Falter has a history of writing and playing music that spans over the past decade. The two original members, Trent(guitar/vocals and Trevor(bass/vocals) have been creating music together throughout that time incorporating a variety of fellow musicians along the way. Random Falter is a result of all those years of hard work and a love of music.

The indroduction of Vanessa(sax and keyboard) took the sound Trent and Trevor have created to a new level. With a music education behind her she has the ability to create music that is both intriging and unique. Vanessa has been a defining strength in Random Falter's sound.

After a year of playing as a trio, Random Falter met Pablo through an internet classified ad. Originally from Buenos Aires Argentina, Pablo moved to Canada 6 years ago and spent the majority of that time in Toronto. Pablo is an infectious drummer with a great variety of style, his unique rythms blend perfectly with the diverse sound of his fellow bandmates.

With all the members of Random Falter now complete a family was created. The pursuit of promotion has now become the focus. Random Falter began gigging, recording and promoting their music in the fall of 2008 and the response has been impressive.

Random Falter has been described as a "Rock" band with a likeness to no one in particular. Their unique sound has been shaped from nearly all genres of music. From pop beats to guitar driven rock with hints of folk and jazz, Random Falters objective is to explore all corners of the music world and incorperate it into their "sound". If a lable were to be attatched "alt rock" would probably suit it best but they prefer to be called "different". Titles aside Random Falter truly is a band like no other and their songs with keep you hooked again and again and again.......


Random Falter has several demo tracks available for listening and downloading. All tracks are readily available through our website www.randomfalter.com or via myspace keyword Random Falter.

Set List

Random Falter has 16 songs in their set list.
It is an all original set that allows for an hour and a half of music.

Our typical set list consists of a 50 min set including tracks such as:

Ready to Go
Soul Slapped
Poor Design
Singing Preacher
My Friend
Face Down