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"Pullman Punk Band Releases First CD"

by Alan Solan

The band's debut CD, "Get in the Van," which will be released Friday in Pullman, is a veritable smorgasboard of punk styles, from Green Day-sounding "Bomb" and "College Poor" to the hard-rocking celtic punk drinking song "Johnny Ringo." There's even a song called "Carpet Surfing" that sounds so much like the Beach Boys or some other surf band that some of the members of the band wonder if it's even legal to put it on a CD and sell it....

...but no matter how punk has evolved over the years, it's about the music, not about the haircut or the makeup.
"It's almost more punk to wear a f---ing suit," Patton said.
As the band sings in "PRDC," written by Murphy, "punk rock is a dress code."
"I think we're revolting against punk rock," Murphys said.
"No," adds bassist Ryan Beirens, 25, "we're just revolting."

...Over the past few years, "the scene has kind of developed," said Murphy, 31.
"The more we play, the more it becomes word of mouth," Patton said of his own band's growing popularity.
"We definitely had more people at our last show - that came to hear us," beirens said. "Nowadays, people are standing up and having a good time." - Moscow-Pullman Daily News


"Get in the Van" 2006
2008 - New LP



Since the band's humble inception six years ago, the trademarked sound of Random Noise and their memorable live performances have helped to rebuild the Pullman rock scene. Over the past three years, Random Noise has partnered with the Pullman Moose Lodge venue to become the most consistent providers of live punk shows in the region. Drawing in local groups as well as bands from as far as Seattle and Olympia, Random Noise has fostered a resurgence of live rock in Pullman.

The band got its start late in the fall of 2001 with Aaron Flansburg writing vocals to Justin Campana's guitar sounds in a Pullman basement. Late in 2002, with six songs in hand, Aaron contacted Ryan Beirens, whom he met through skateboarding to play bass then Rory Patton to play drums. In April of 2003 the four played their first show including nine original songs at a packed house party in Pullman. Soon thereafter, Campana graduated and moved to Seattle, leaving Ryan, Rory and Aaron in Pullman. Over the next year and a half more songs were written and a four song demo was recorded over the weekend before Christmas in 2004.

This was the last time the original lineup would play together. Work pulled Campana away, and Ryan contacted his close friend, Mark Murphy, to play lead guitar. Aaron picked up the rhythm guitar duties, and a new chapter in the history of Random Noise was written.

New songs, broadened experience playing live, and renewed energy accompanied the band into the studio at WSU at the end of 2005, this time with producer Ed Gelmetti. The resulting eleven song debut album, "Get in the Van," was unleashed on the general public April 14th, 2006 at the Pullman Moose Lodge.

The Fall of 2006 brought more changes for Random Noise, with the departure of Rory to a new job in Las Vegas, and the addition of Dan Allen on drums. With its new lineup, Random Noise blasted ahead into 2007, kicking off the new year as the driving force behind Moose-a-Palousa II. Lots of live shows expanding throughout the region followed, and the year ended with the recording of their second album.

In 2008 Random Noise is playing shows and preparing to release their new album later in the spring. Don't miss your chance to see them live; Random Noise will be coming to a town near you this year!