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"That's So Random"

The hills of Mount Washington are far from the desert breezes of the Mojave, but these five Highland Park–area cats have got the magic of Joshua Tree in their bones, and they infuse it into their soulful psychedelia. Their racks of keyboards, chiming guitars, thrift-store cowboy shirts and whisper-to-a-scream vocals add up to far more than the sum of their parts. Like a messier All Night Radio or a bouncier Beachwood Sparks, Random Patterns' cinematic explosions of glossy keys, shimmering beats and swarming melodies swell up into hypnotic, booty-moving numbers — maintaining their LSD-colored, cellophane-skies vibe, but also pushing the jingle-jangle style beyond the risky realm of a Byrds cover band. Catch their live radio set on KXLU Saturday night for a preview. Inland Empire's Starkiller, on the other hand, keenly orchestrates a subtle and understated groove that's layered with samples, bass beats, strings, keys and harmonies reminiscent of Dummy-era Portishead. - LA Weekly

"Thursday pick: Random Patterns + Holloys @ Echo Curio"

Random Patterns are one of the more intriguing bands on the local scene at the moment, melding a host of influences into a glorious psychedelic noise that defies easy categorization.

On the track, Right In My Left Ear, The Highland Park five-piece comes across like Beck covering the Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows, while on Corruption in the Licorice Den, the band veers seamlessly from funeral-march blues to horn-led jazz funk and organ-driven psych-rock and back again.

As confusing as that all sounds, it works, as the band's sense of fun and adventure is matched only by its uncanny ability at layering melodies.

Random Patterns has just finished recording its debut album, Creatures of Teeth, which will be made available digitally within the next few weeks. I for one am waiting (im)-patiently to hear it. For now, however, you can download/listen to this track, Right In My Left Ear.
- The Organ Grinder

"Random Patterns @ Chiparaki Cultural Center"

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of its music and artist collective, Heard of Elephants, the band Random Patterns appeared with collective members Pride of Kenya, Danger Bees, and Charts and Maps.

With a brown suitcase hiding his effects, a microphone held below his chin, singer El Pato slightly resembles a salesman & magician—as his hand does something we can’t see behind the leather case, I keep expecting he will pull out a bunny or a miniature vacuum to dazzle stay-at-home mom’s at their television sets—reverb, included. Meanwhile, band mates Mickey Tuesday, Danny Boy, Mac, and J’ay are busy configuring mathematical equations with their instruments, growing bold, ambitious, meditative, and loud—it’s an intense game of Battleship. Moments when the intensity paused into clean silence were most exciting. The precision points to musicianship. There’s a sense that Random Patterns isn’t fucking around. The randomness exhibited by songs from its latest EP Creatures of Teeth and new songs debuted tonight, is not so much a lack of control, but a firm grasp on the unhinged musical forces the band seeks to master. At times, it’s difficult to tell who is making what sound, what is connected to the sampler, what might be looped, accidental, or what keeps them on beat. Random Patterns is not chaos, but it will sweep you up and chomp your head a little. Also, the lighting guy was completely in tune with the music. A jingle-jangle of lights bathed and splashed against the band. - LA Record

"Random Patterns: Creatures of Teeth"

Straight out of Highland Park and reppin’ Heard of Elephants Collective, Random Patterns takes to music like the first word in their name takes to the second: soaked in paradox. Consider “Corruption In The Licorice Den,” which begins as an acid-fried Texas wail but quickly turns into a saxy surf-rock affair with a slow psychedelic organ coda. The whole thing speaks of late-night collisions between the Butthole Surfers and the Doors at a funk club with pink lighting. Much credit for this strange gooey cohesiveness goes to drummer Dan Melancon, whose oh-so-crisp cymbals and snare/kick thunderstorms direct the listener through the wandering rapids of each song. Kudos too to saxophonist Mike Allison for his beautiful melodies and outstanding subtlety in the otherwise treacherously obnoxious world of rock saxophony. Mad apropos. Chris Frias’ vocals sound almost perfectly like Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers reference #2), but the wryness of his downtrodden wit strikes a better balance between silly fluff and straight-faced songwriting. Creatures Of Teeth demonstrates a mysterious talent at vacillation between cathartic explosions and jazzy minimalism, raising the question, “How slow a song can you tap your foot to?” This is certainly not to say that Random Patterns favor the lower gears, rather they’re just more comfortable with it than most. And then, when they do finally pour it on, the jubilated breakdowns and crashing, noisy cascades feel all the sweeter. - LA Record

"Random Patterns: Creatures of Teeth"

As a member of the Heard Of Elephants collective, it was to be expected that Californian band Random Patterns wouldn’t make it easy to have their sound categorised. But I could not have hoped for such an original work of art, considering that Creatures Of Teeth is only their first album. The quintet has no need for guitar and bass, instead employs three keyboard and synth players, a saxophonist and a live drummer. Add hypnotic vocals to this stew, and you only have the ingredients, but definitely not the taste. To get there, you have no choice but to listen for yourself.

The CD starts with the three minute short HC SVNT RNDM PTTRNS, which feels like jazz rock minus the guitars. The slightly nasal vocals allow for a more independent rock feeling, while the majestic arrangements show parallels to early progressive rock. The following songs are all between five and eight minutes, full of variety and a total non-respect for current trends. The numerous keyboards cover every possible sound with a predilection for warm retro sounds (organ, electric piano,…). The saxophonist’s performance has a jazzy undertone, achieving a stellar moment of Dum Dee where he’s emulating the quirky craziness of Van der Graaf Generator’s David Jackson. The drumming is sufficiently nervous to make you forget that there is actually no bass guitar present.

A band that is so original is hard to be compared to any other band, although they fit somewhere in the triangle formed by The Mae Shi, Naked Sun and 90 Day Men, of course – need I repeat? – without the guitars and a heavy dose of jazz and progressive rock.

Creatures Of Teeth will be available as a free download for a limited time only, so you better hurry if you don’t want to miss out on one of the most original and refreshing albums I had the honour to review this year. Although spending money on this exceptional debut album would also certainly not be a mistake. - Disagreement.net

"Creatures of Teeth"

The first offering from this uber talented group. Not easy to define, like shades of gray. When pressed I have called their music " Psychedelic Jazz Pop" Upon first listening I likened this outing to Miles Davis'"Panthalassa". Music firmly out of the box. Exploring new ground. A live act all the way. The recording is not a product of digital chicanery. The band is a talent pool of young players. Educated and skilled well beyond the scope of many of their contemporaries. Music that challenges the listener and brings you in with subtle facets and bold arrangements. A perfect road record or soundtrack to your next pool party. Smooth as silk the keyboard dexterity of Michael Ilves and the rock solid drumming of Dan Melancon firmly and confidently root the music. Saxophonist, synthesist and resident live wire Mike Allison hammers his parts. Woven into this musical sprawl is the crafty sampler work of Jay Watford...tasteful and tasty! Vocalist Chris Frias is perhaps one of the most charming people walking the face of the Earth, boldly effecting his parts with delays and pitch shifting devices tucked into a briefcase. Frankly, this band kicks ass live and is one of the most genuine fun acts I have seen in years. Seeing the beauty and potential of this musical stew legendary producer and mixing genius "Mudrock" was thrilled to lay his hands on the console to mix this record. Known for his diverse work with "Godsmack", "Alice Cooper" and "Lou Barlow" to name a few. The result is a collection of songs that will inspire you. Random Patterns is part of the "Heard of Elephants" collective. A group of like minded bands and artists. Their shows combine these elements with the incongruous. One event featured an on stage painter, mixed media improv over a twenty minute cut of "March of the Penguins", instruments made from cigar boxes and free haircuts for the brave. The Heard also offers their gifts as a non profit to school age kids. Honorable and highly entertaining! From the opening track you belong to them. As listenable as this is today it will hold up as a modern day classic.

–Most sincerely, Jack Waterson - Wise Owl


Live EP: Random Patterns @ KXLU (2007)
Single: Right In My Left Ear (2008)
LP: Creatures of Teeth (2009)
EP: 2010 (to be titled, currently in production)

Our most recently LP, Creatures of Teeth is getting airplay in Los Angeles, San Francisco/Berkeley, Portland, Austin and Tennessee.



Our story is all about trying to create something unlike anything you've ever heard. Too many bands today make music that sounds just like another band and there's not much fun in that. Every time we set up for a show people look at us thinking "what on earth is this band going to sound like" and that's just the way we like it. Our music encompasses all of our influences and we have sections of grooving psychedelia to soft, whispering melodies to the boom boom boom of a big beat to chaos to harmony. But most importantly, it all meshes together in its own unique style.

For the other sort of biography, we all met in Los Angeles and currently live in the Highland Park area (soooo much cooler than any other little nooks throughout the city). All of our lives pretty much revolve around music and we're looking to spread our sound to as many different ears as possible.