Random Rabbit

Random Rabbit


Random Rabbit is a prime example of what a 21st century jamband should be. It fuses traditional elements of organic music with the endless capabilities of electronica. Based heavily in improvisation, there is no direction Random Rabbit won't go in.


So WHAT is a Random Rabbit?

These days, it's getting harder and harder to tell...some would argue that it is one part electronic and one part organic, while others prefer to call it equal parts fantasy and surreality. It's true, these ingredients make for a pretty sexy stew that the Rabbits feed their hungry audience...and with a recipe that is never followed the same way twice, loyal Rabbitheads can't get enough. First time witnesses to a Random Rabbit live extravaganza are often left awestruck and vow to return to a such a twisted, mind-melting experience as soon as humanly possible. The Rabbit's hilariously off-the-wall approach to making their audience shake their asses is becoming legendary.

Formula? What formula?

Already four albums deep into a life that only began in Atlanta in 2005, Random Rabbit not only refuses to acknowledge a conventional style, they laugh at the mere thought of it. In a time where countless bands will release one album approximately every two years, the Rabbits scoff and release three albums in ten months (March 2008-January 2009) on Abstract Logic Recordings---the most recent of which, Ornament, is as far-out as the Rabbits have ever ventured. Staying true to their roots, Ornament's shape-shifting formlessness weaves around the brain and gives it a tight squeeze. More so now than ever before, their glitchy beats, luscious melodies & global consciousness lend themselves to a type disjointed continuity that is new territory even for something as random as Random Rabbit.

It's one thing to never play a song the same way twice, but this is just ridiculous...

Never content to play it safe, the Rabbit's main focus is in their live improvisation which is funky at its calmest and utterly chaotic at its weirdest. They often find themselves most at home when they are farthest from it. With 21st century music technology working overtime, all forms of audio are able to be performed & presented in their most manipulatable format...and the Rabbit is leading the charge. The combination of new gadgets with conventional instrumentation has helped Random Rabbit become innovators in the development of the ever-shifting jamtronica scene.

Now THAT is a Random Rabbit.


November 2006-The New Monument
March 2008-The Book Was Better
June 2008-Summer Promo
January 2009-Ornament

All albums released on Abstract Logic Recordings.

Set List

Most sets usually last approximately 90 minutes but we have been known to go for up to 6 hours at a time. Some versions of songs will last 5 minutes, and sometimes that same song will stretch to half an hour; it's all about the feel.

We don't do covers; rather, we do teases or extended jams...some notable tease jams include Miss You, Paranoid Android, Scarlet Begonias, Reading Rainbow & Inspector Gadget.

We weave in and out of our own songs; sometimes we leave them unfinished, sometimes we perform them backwards or inverted. We performed a show-long inside out version of "Sideways Elevator" once. A few originals we have been known to play:

Jingles Jangle
Sandbox Overture
Squirming Variable
Foxy Methoxy
Walking With OJ
Husky Verna
Nine Pounded Mint
Most Specialist