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"Random Rabbit: Interview conducted by Misty Thomas"

Random Rabbit seems to be the words coming from many many Atlanta music fans. They have such a strong fan base, from hip hop heads to electro heads, they seem to be taking the Atlanta music scene by storm. After their fantastic performance on New Years Eve at the Loft, they have a lot under their belt. To take a listen to their sound, check them out on Myspace.

Who is Random Rabbit?
Random Rabbit is Adam Herbert, Charles Pazinets, and Andrew Provine

How did you all meet up?
We all grew up in the music scene in Atlanta. Charles and Andrew met up many times over a few years in clubs and at parties. Adam and Andrew met in school in 2004. All three of us started experimenting with music together in May 2005.

How long have you been playing together?
We officially became a band on May 25, 2005

What musicians or bands have influenced your sound?
Tortoise, Paul McCartney, Slipknot, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Sub ID, Radiohead, The Disco Biscuits.

Have there been any musicians you've played with who have impacted your sound or even impacted your lives?
Mainly each other. We all three have totally different styles and musical preferences so it makes a very tasty musical soup.

What musicians would you love to work with in the future?
We have this really stupid and awesome idea to cover Eddie Murphy's "My Girl Wants to Party All The Time" with Steve Martin on banjo, Bassnectar, and the London Symphony Orchestra. Of course everyone would be wearing sweet blacklight reactant clothing with little mirrors on everything so when lazer beams (which would be everywhere) would reflect all over the place like a billion little disco balls. What was the question again?

If you guys weren't doing music, what would you do?
Adam would be married with children thinking about his mortgage and wearing a suit every day. Andrew would be flying planes beatboxing in his headset. Charles would find a way.

You all seem to have quite a following in Atlanta, how does it make you feel to have such a devoted fan base?
It's awesome!!! The only reason we can do this is because of the fans and we are always blown away at how receptive people are to our idea of basically improving everything.

What kind of preparation goes into a show?
We usually make a few different setlist possibilities and when the shows happen everything goes out the window and we realize we can't plan anything.

Have your friends and family always been supporters of your music and ideas? Or has it been a bumpy ride?
It's been a rollercoaster ride for sure. Lots of ups and downs. After '07 I think it's pretty clear we aren't messing around. The idea is a good one and quite unique...organic-electronic improv.

If you all were given a super power, which one would it be?
We want theme music everywhere we go.

For someone not familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?
Swank Elevator, organic electronica, Rabbitronics, electro-acoustic, trippy shit. We play tetris with sounds and build them up like jenga. There is an art to having our entire sound tapestry crumble uncontrollably and rebuilding it to another level.

What's happening in the future for Random Rabbit?
It's anyone's guess. Hopefully we'll be hitting up a lot of festivals this year and maybe hopping over to Europe for a minute. '08 is going to be BUSY BUSY!

Why the name Random Rabbit?
There is a Korean Martial Arts philosophy that states "Chase one rabbit". A wolf singles out one rabbit in a field full of them and chases it. If he goes after all of them he'll never catch anything and will end up running in circles. Every time he eats he chases a different rabbit.

Anything you guys would like to add for your fans?
We can't thank them enough for all their support and enthusiasm. We are going to keep it coming. Be on the lookout for our new album "The Book Was Better" to be dropping early February with an album release party at the very end of January at Bazzaar. You can keep up with us and a lot of the Atlanta electronic community forum at LunarMagazine.com. - Soul Press Magazine

"Don't Sleep"

Formed two years ago, Random Rabbit has been popping up in places where most people wouldn't look. Adam Herbert, Andrew Provine and Charlie Pazinets play house parties, after-hours events in warehouses and concerts at unlikely locales such as The Five Spot Cafe. The trio's mobility is much like a DJs---it can seemingly play anywhere---but it comprises a working band that mixes spontaneous, jazzlike instrumentation with warm, guitar-inflected electronic soundtracks reminiscent of Sound Tribe Sector 9 and Future Sounds of London.

The year was a productive on for Random Rabbit, which completed at least two albums, including the just-released The Book Was Better, and continues to gig frequently. The band's growing reputation and increasing appearances at ppular venues such as The Loft means that you're likely to encounter is sooner than later. ---Mosi Reeves - Creative Loafing

"URB Magazine's Next 1000"

Somewhere between the droves of Atlanta based artists snapping their fingers and trappin' is the underground electronic scene ruled by rabbit heads. Random Rabbit is on their third release, The Book Was Better. This album, as with their previous releases, encompasses thick, ambient soundscapes, driving bass lines, catchy guitar riffs and glitched out drum patterns that would make any fan of electronica music grin from ear to ear. If they keep sharing stages with the likes of The Killers and The Roots, we may have a nation of 'Rabbit Heads' on our hands. - URB Magazine


November 2006-The New Monument
March 2008-The Book Was Better
June 2008-Summer Promo
January 2009-Ornament

All albums released on Abstract Logic Recordings.



So WHAT is a Random Rabbit?

These days, it's getting harder and harder to tell...some would argue that it is one part electronic and one part organic, while others prefer to call it equal parts fantasy and surreality. It's true, these ingredients make for a pretty sexy stew that the Rabbits feed their hungry audience...and with a recipe that is never followed the same way twice, loyal Rabbitheads can't get enough. First time witnesses to a Random Rabbit live extravaganza are often left awestruck and vow to return to a such a twisted, mind-melting experience as soon as humanly possible. The Rabbit's hilariously off-the-wall approach to making their audience shake their asses is becoming legendary.

Formula? What formula?

Already four albums deep into a life that only began in Atlanta in 2005, Random Rabbit not only refuses to acknowledge a conventional style, they laugh at the mere thought of it. In a time where countless bands will release one album approximately every two years, the Rabbits scoff and release three albums in ten months (March 2008-January 2009) on Abstract Logic Recordings---the most recent of which, Ornament, is as far-out as the Rabbits have ever ventured. Staying true to their roots, Ornament's shape-shifting formlessness weaves around the brain and gives it a tight squeeze. More so now than ever before, their glitchy beats, luscious melodies & global consciousness lend themselves to a type disjointed continuity that is new territory even for something as random as Random Rabbit.

It's one thing to never play a song the same way twice, but this is just ridiculous...

Never content to play it safe, the Rabbit's main focus is in their live improvisation which is funky at its calmest and utterly chaotic at its weirdest. They often find themselves most at home when they are farthest from it. With 21st century music technology working overtime, all forms of audio are able to be performed & presented in their most manipulatable format...and the Rabbit is leading the charge. The combination of new gadgets with conventional instrumentation has helped Random Rabbit become innovators in the development of the ever-shifting jamtronica scene.

Now THAT is a Random Rabbit.