Random Rain

Random Rain

 Lawrence, Kansas, USA

“This random rain is for a reason.” These lyrics from Random Rain's self-titled song show how the indie rock band incorporates the random into the cohesive with styles from folk to punk to melodic rap while addressing both personal and social issues.


“This random rain is for a reason.” These lyrics from Random Rain’s self-titled song define the indie rock band of incorporating the random into the cohesive. Founded in August of 2008 at the University of Kansas, Random Rain brought together Rebecca Lo, Margaret Tran, Lia Williams, and Brittany Barney, students on different paths who shared a common love of music that helped them get through the ups and downs of life.

On a beautiful, sunny afternoon, members of the band were sitting outside on their porch when an unexpected bout of rain occurred. This event inspired the band name and self-titled song about the interconnection of our global society and the need for individuals to take better care of the environment so that we can collectively address climate change.

This theme of interconnection runs throughout all of their music with songs that look inward about love, heartache, and all the emotions that come with growing up, and songs that look outward with individuals in the context of social justice issues like the pursuit of the American Dream, consumerism, and environmental problems. Their music combines styles from acoustic folk to punk to melodic rap to further unite the seemingly unrelated. Random Rain released its first LP this past Fall of 2010.


Better Than This

Written By: Random Rain

(Verse 1)
We, crossed the sea,
With our hopes, on our sleeve.
Built, a new life,
Through hard work, sweat and tears.

Why, we have not,
All around, are those have’s.
All, we can wish,
Is our kids, are better off.

Oh, I deserve better, better than this.
We all want that American Dream,
But once you got it, what does life mean?

(Verse 2)
Born, In a world,
Silver spoon, in my mouth.
Never, worked a day,
Living off, parents’ wealth.

I, just don’t know,
happens now, got it all.
Why, earn my way,
When I have, the good life.


Class problem of the 21st,
This is the land of the free,
Got some livin’ in mansions,
And some don’t even have health care?

(Bridge and Chorus simultaneously)

(Chorus Twice)

I deserve better, better than this.
Oh, I deserve better, better than this.
We could dream of equality.

Random Rain

Written By: Random Rain

(Verse 1)
We took our time,
Realizing there’s a problem,
Hoping someone else would solve it.

Now it’s time,
To stand and fight,
Are we ready for the battle, can we ever hope to win it?

In a world,
Of more than 6,
Billion people, got to care for one another.

We must end,
Our selfish ways,
Our self-destructive, self indulging, self-motivated ways.

Don’t say it isn’t happening,
It’s right in front of you,
This random rain is for a reason,
And the sooner you know,
The better off we’ll be.

(Verse 2)
Don’t dare,
Think just of you,
Change is bigger than you or I, think global, act local.

Altered mind,
Is what it takes,
To be able to sustain long after we have passed along.

So start off small,
Do what you can,
Time will tell that what we do today can better our tomorrow.

Affects us all,
And everything,
Scientific, social, economic, environ-mentality.


Falling Down

Written By: Random Rain

(Verse 1)
Used to be so carefree,
Couple of kids on the playground.
I’m still a ball of sunshine,
But your light’s a fading.

Maybe your tomorrow,
Will be better than the last.
But it keeps getting worse,
I’m running, running out of hope.

I’m falling down,
Each moment, that you’re around,
You’re not giving enough, I keep holding us up,
And I’m falling down.

(Verse 2)
You called me last night,
Expecting my sympathies.
You talk, oh so much,
But you never listen back.

Can’t always be your crutch,
You’ve got to learn to walk someday,
You say you need me,
But you’re never, never there for me.


Oh Fish

Written By: Random Rain

(Verse 1)
You had no name
You went down the drain
I can’t complain
But things just aren’t the same

Oh fish,
Oh fish,
Oh fish.

Fish in our room,
You came to only doom,
They took you like prey
When you tried to swim away

We trapped you in a bowl
And put you on display
Oh fish in our room,
You came to only doom.

(Verse 2)
It’s such a shame
You must have felt pain
But we’re to blame
Our sickness is profane

Oh fish,
Oh fish,
Oh fish.

(Chorus Twice)

Oh fish,
Oh fish,
Oh fish.


Random Rain, Self-Titled and Self Released EP November 2009
Random Rain, Self-Titled and Self Released LP September 2010

Random Rain, radio airplay on KJHK 90.7 FM
Let Me Be Me, radio airplay on 96.5 The Buzz
Oh Fish, radio airplay on KKFI 90.1 FM
Fly Away, radio airplay on KKFI 90.1 FM

30 minute live radio set on KKFI 90.1 FM

Set List

Oh Fish
Better Than This
Falling Down
Random Rain
City of Lost Souls
Drive Away
I May Be