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"Random Sound"

It feels like it was a million years ago we heard something from the Swedish Pop/Rock band of RANDOM SOUND.

Last time they were featured here on MUZIK MAG SWEDEN was at the old blog, so this is the first time we actually have them here.


Random Sound have a lovely sound, I like the production, very well produced and i can´t help but their sound reminds me a bit of Maroon 5 when they was in the beginning of their career, happy pop/rock with fantastic vocals.

"YOU WILL SHINE" is the official follower-up to "FOUND MY WAY" from earlier this year.

I see a bright future for this group, looking forward to hear the full length album. - Muzik Magazinet

"Random Sound.........brutal sång!!!"

Singeln "Found My Way" är den första låten ut från Random Sound's debut album "The World As We Know It"

Alltså jag har blivit totalt tagen av sångarens röst, shiiitttt...alltså....man blir så sugen på att bara veta mer mer mer mer om detta grymma band!

Såhär står de i bla deras pressrelease..

Random Sound har inspirerats av de stora internationella pop/rock banden. Om de skulle ha döpt bandet efter hur de låter hade det blivit något i stil med: "Coldroon 5? eller kanske "Coldroon 4? med tanke på att bandet består av fyra medlemmar.

Bandet har sitt säte djupt i de småländska skogarna och har därför blivit präglade av de många svamparna runt knuten. ?Random Sound har även varit ute i cosmos och hämtat ljud med Di leva...

"Found My Way" är den första singeln från det kommande debutalbumet "The World As We Know It" som kommer släppas i samband med sommarens festivaler.

Grabbar!!!!...ge mig lite av Er svamp SNÄLLA! omgående!!... - Poplife 24

"Random Sound satsar helhjärtat"

Random Sound kommer från Värnamo. I en pop/rock-mix med elektroniska inslag siktar de högt.

– Det är ett heltidsjobb, säger killarna själva.

Och Hasse? Ja, han var imponerad.

– Ursäkta mig, jag får ståpäls här, sa han efter Random Sound spelat live i studion.
- Sveriges Radio

"Listen to "Found My Way" by Random Sound"

I just stumbled upon a stellar new song from a really talented new group from Sweden, Random Sound. Their lead single off their debute album is called Found My Way and is a soaring song with a driving, yet still mellow, indie pop sound. When listening to this song one instantly thinks of the ballads of Coldplay and the pop aspect of a plethora of other alternative rock groups. Random Sound will most certainly be a group to keep your eye on. - EQ Music Blog

"Random Sound - Found My Way"

Swedish quartet Random Sound gain inspiration from current bands like Coldplay to Maroon 5 and even a little pop motivation from AHA and ABBA with their musical style. When you take these stimuli as well as the song writing abilities of Anton Sandstrom, the drumming attitude of Victor Fransson, the tough and at times tender riffs of Erik Lindqvist and vocals of Lasse Ulvantne, throw them all into a whirlwind spinning at top speed, the result is Random Sound's fusion of pop and rock with a little sprinkling of soul, funk and modern synth.

Found My Way is the first single to be released from their upcoming debut album The World As We Know IT and it is a realisation there are still bands emerging into the music industry that can take your breath away. This song doesn't explode with punching guitars, kicking drums or elevated melodies, but gently builds from beginning to end. It starts with a simple plucking of strings and a soaring vocal, gently adds an underpinning of synth and develops into a chorus a listener can't help but want to sing along to.

The only disappointing element was that with all the suspense and build-up of sounds that it just didn't punch through towards the end. Having said that, Found My Way still makes for an impressive listen. - Room Thirteen


EP- 'First Round' (2011)
Single- 'Found My Way': radio airplay) (2012)
Single- 'You Will Shine': radio airplay) (2012)
Album- 'The World As We Know It' (2012)



The Swedish band ‘Random Sound’ contains four members which was brought together by the songwriter Anton Sandström. They have developed their melodious pop/rock music since 2006, which has brought them to a beaty and emotional sound with a touch of soul and funk. As they released their debut album ‘The World As We Know It’ in 2012, they have been compared with bands like ‘Maroon 5' and ‘Coldplay’.

The band released two singles from the album (‘Found My Way’ and ‘You Will Shine’), which was played on several radio stations in countries such as Sweden, Great Britain, Croatia and The Netherlands. Many has shown interest in playing their music, not only in those countries, but all around Europe.

Random Sound has always worked hard to give their audience a great show. Even if they are playing in small clubs or at greater festival stages, they make the audience engaged. Their performance and stage show combined with the music they’re playing is proven to be very appreciated by all kinds of people.

2011 was the year when Random Sound took their task to the high level they are at now. It started out with the release of the promotional EP, ‘First Round’, and followed up with the recordings of the album ‘The World As We Know It’. Those events has brought the band beyond the swedish borders, with airplays and promo talks at radio stations they have developed into a group of recognized musicians.

Even today Random Sound works hard to grow and invites everyone into their purple world, where every man is a king and every woman a queen.