randomw3rd is a rock band that has a twist of two front vocalists and a good variety of harmonic, melodic and pumped rock songs.


Randomw3rd was formed in 2006 and reformed in 2007. In December of 2007, the band completed a 6 song promotional CD at Shogun Labs in Toronto.

The band currently is a five piece unit featuring:

Dave Jamieson - Guitars, Vocals, Keys
Del Mendoza - Guitar, Vocals
Pete Albrektsen - Keys, Guitar
Sam Tagliabracci - Bass
Darren Simpson - Drums

A unique twist is the feature of two lead singers, one female, one male and the both together on most tracks. The rhythms are driving and the melodies are catchy. Enjoyable to listen to, even fun! Rock for sure.

Set List

We typically play the sets below. Each run for 40-50 mins.

1. 1000 times by randomw3rd
2. Everything But You by randomw3rd
3. Clever by randomw3rd
4. I Try by randomw3rd
5. Check It Out by randomw3rd
6. Free by randomw3rd
7. Yours to keep by Teddybears

1. We Were Young by randomw3rd
2. Falling Away by randomw3rd
3. Why by randomw3rd
4. Supposed to be by randomw3rd
5. All I want by randomw3rd
6. Kiss Steady by randomw3rd