Randor Lin

Randor Lin


Melody driven pop. The interaction between the melody and harmony is where i focus most of my time. I try to write memorable and catchy lyrics, and melodies that are easily identifiable with the general public.


I began songwriting around the the age of 16. While attending the Grant Macewan Music program in Alberta, Canada, I learned to take a more mature approach to songwriting, arranging, and music production.


Just a Word Behind

Written By: Randor Lin

Just a Word Behind

I press my thumb against this window
Trace the lines these raindrops make
Memories race to run in circles
As this bus jogs through the highway

And it’s only two more miles,
To reacquaint me with your smile
Know that being apart,
Has never been our style

Cause it’s been too many days,
Since I’ve last heard you complain
And I must say that I’ve,
Missed your ways

And I’m restless,
As I think of tales to tell,
As I’m trying,
To say what I’ve withheld,
You say I’m always,
Always on your mind,
I guess I’m always,
Just a word behind

I lift the blinds up off your window
Let the daylight crawl inside
I trace the outlines of these shadows
Cast by your arms, arrested by my eyes

And it’s only six am,
When I’m greeted by your grin
The day starts ending,
Just as quick as it begins

Back here again
Reliving stories told and spent
Back to the times that came and went
Bottle up those memories
Let them ferment


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